This is one of my most USEFUL and DELICIOUS recipes–EASY KETO SUGAR-FREE KETCHUP–and I hope you’ll try it even if your grocery store hasn’t run out of low-carb options during the continuing quarantine of 2020. Macros at the end, so do stick with me throughout, eh? PLEASE don’t neglect to LIKE, SHARE (especially on Facebook in Keto groups and elsewhere in social media), COMMENT–new format here!–and SUBSCRIBE!





  1. I look forward to trying this recipe (My wife and I started on KETO half a year ago to get rid of insulin resistance).

    This looks and sounds like a fantastic ketchup to have, even though we in our Danish household only use ketchup a couple of times a month, this ketchup is definitely worth trying.

    Thank you.

  2. Your video on keto French fries popped up on my feed and I watched. I read the comments and someone asked about your ketchup recipe. Once I got through half of the ketchup recipe, you earned a new sub. It was that quick. My wife and I have been on and off low carb for a few years. We are planning to go full time keto after thanksgiving. She is much more into the watching macros than I am. We both like learning new keto recipes. Thank you so much for this Ketchup recipe. We have to travel an hour to buy sugar free ketchup. Its always a small jar and expensive. I will be making this recipe now.

  3. Hi Tim! Nobody is more amazed than I am that I am making my own ketchup. I hate to cook but I do it for this recipe:) It is just excellent and really so easy. I don't care for stevia but Lakanto monkfruit classic works great. And your channel is a double bonus for me: I am teaching myself French so I get to watch you twice and pick up a bit of the language along the way!

  4. Hey Tim! I made a batch this morning and it IS a winner but I have one thing I'd do differently next time and thats add the stevia in increments; it seems like all stevia's are NOT the same…mine seems stronger than others and I should've realize that from the get go…I had to add white vinegar and some celery salt to neutralize the sweetness so just in case your other viewers have the same issue they won't have to worry about having a ruined batch of ketchup: SO GOOD Thanks!


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