KETO S'MORES – Keto camping recipe


If you want to stay keto while camping, then you need this Keto Smores recipe! I love to indulge in s’mores when we go camping. This year, I made keto s’mores …





  1. I made this tonight – but my marshmallow fluff batter is not smooth when I poured it into the pan. It's lumpy. We will see how they do overnight. It took about 15 minutes to get the consistency of fluff in my Kitchenaid electric stand mixer, so maybe I beat it for too long or it was too hot when it went in mixer?

  2. 2 questions:

    1.) Can the Graham crackers be frozen & thawed, keeping a reasonably similar quality consistency & taste?

    2.) **For You**
    Have you experimented with "Lupin Flour" in your baked goods yet? It "COULD" expand BOTH your abilities to bring a broader range of baked goods to Keto AND offer you a manner to have Keto Breads & Cakes which actually proof and/or rise.

    I will add a few videos from our allies.








    I hope that you are able to find those to be useful. I love you (non-romantically of course), and thank you so very much for your continued generosity of time and experimentation, in aide of making a ketogenic lifestyle a more more viable and accessible lifestyle for so many who refuse to "do without".

    Side-note: Have you given "Twitter" any additional thought? There is something which also may be helpful. However, it is not suitable to send via YouTube.

  3. I just made these today and the marshmallows too!! Going to a bonfire tomorrow and there’s a few keto people so I thought it’d be nice to bring.

    I did the macros on this if anyone wants to know. I think I made mine thinner than hers accidentally so I ended up with 46 graham crackers and 24 marshmallows.

    Graham crackers (assuming 46 crackers):

    57 calories
    5.1 fat
    1.1 carbs
    1.1 fiber
    1.4 protein

    ZERO NET CARBS! Genius!!

    Marshmallows (assuming 24 pieces):

    6 calories
    0 fat
    .1 carbs
    0 fiber
    1.3 protein

    .1 net carbs!

    I’m gonna use the Lily’s dark chocolate bar tomorrow from Whole Foods yum!

    The gelatin smells weird to me but other than that these turn out beautiful, the dough is so easy to work with, and they taste awesome!


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