Keto Shepherd's Pie Recipe



Try this Keto Shepherd’s Pie for dinner tonight. You’re going to love it!





  1. Needs to be ground lamb used rather than ground beef in order to be called Shepherd's Pie. If it's made with beef, the custom is to call it "Cottage Pie." Whatever meat and whatever you call the dish, it looks delicious.

    The side view does seem to show a disproportionate amount of cheesy cauliflower mash to the meat/veggie mixture. Shepherd's or Cottage Pie I've had usually had more of a balance in the layers. But I will make it in the proportions given. I will, though, use ground lamb, and use a white Cheddar (can't stand yellow Cheddar).

    I also may add into the meat/vegetable mixture a 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves, 1/4 teaspoon crushed rosemary, and 1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley when the tomato paste is added.

    Thanks for the inspiring recipe, Dr. Berg and Karen. I do love Shepherd's Pie, and I love what keto is doing for me!

  2. Yeesh, some nit picky comments; call it Beef Shepherd's Pie then. Always called Shepherds Pie in my world. All my cookbooks called for beef. Guess beef tastes better than lamb! Even my chicken tender and cheese teen daughter liked it. My anti-veggie husband had seconds!!! Great recipe guys! 🤗

  3. I’m looking forward to the Dr. Berg Keto 30 day challenge to be healthy and fit again.
    I realize it was my poor dietary choices.
    And dropping my visits to the gym.
    I can easily be healthy and fit again .
    I’ve been Fat to Fit to Fat So Many times.
    This time; it’s Fat to Fit to Stay ! 💗

  4. Thanks for posting the recipe… It looks tasty no matter what it’s called. Po-tay-toe / Po-tah-toe- why does it matter? Enjoy the posting. Call it what you want. I would call it dinner. Yummm.

    For all you literal folks out there, technically, Yum only has one M but I wanted to add a couple more for emphasis.😁