Keto Salmon and Asparagus | Perfect Keto Dinner Recipe


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This Keto salmon and asparagus recipe is the perfect dinner recipe. It’s impressive enough for date night and yet flexible enough for a regular weekday meal. Pan seared salmon on a bed of asparagus cooked in garlic and butter topped with a creamy lemon sauce.

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  1. Generally speaking I like this channel but on facebook there was a post about how this video wasn't getting enough views and it's not the first time i've seen some stuff about getting enough views. It kinda made me feel uncomfortable, like i should be made to feel guilty for something.

  2. Salmon, asparagus and garlic! What more could one want? I LOVE asparagus. I oven roast it, and it takes no time at all, as the asparagus stalks here are usually very thin and tender. I can't wait to try this sauce. I also love a vegetable called broccolini. Probably also hard to find in India, but if you ever find it, give it a try.


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