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This Keto roti is soft and pliable. It pairs well with lots of different Indian curries. They are made of coconut flour and psyllium husk. They are easy to make and can be frozen and heated up anytime.

Yield: 10 rotis (6 inch in diameter)
Macros per Serving (from MyFitnessPal)
Total carbs: 4.8g
Dietary fiber: 3.6g
Net carbs: 1.2g
Fat: 2.2g
Protein: 0.8g

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Some recipes on my channel use the sweetener Erythritol. You can either use it or substitute with some other keto sweetener. Avoid media misinformation. Let me (as a scientist) walk you through the science and you decide if Erythritol is safe or not!

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  1. hi, i just trued these, first batch ended up too watery so i used a little less water the next batch and they looked better but fell apart, im guessing to little water? Also does psyllium husk powder make a difference? And out of curiosity what does the oil do in the recipe? i see similar without it. Thanks for the video