Keto Recipes Flip Through ~ Foods I love That Are Low Carb ~ Soft Spoken ASMR


Hi sweeties! Thank you so much for being here again today. I appreciate all of you. One of the things that keeps getting requested is for me to do ASMR page flipping and ASMR food related videos. I borrowed a keto recipe book from one of my friends that has a lot of really tasty recipes in it so I though that I could share this with you today in a soft spoken voice. I hope you will like it and feel free to leave your requests down below!

Enjoy and much love, Ilse ♥
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I drew the little fish and wrote the text for my intro by hand ^_^
The intro was animated and digitalized by Chris who also designed my social media banners and website. Check out his work here:

⇨⇨⇨ Disclaimer: This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological problems please consult your physician or doctor if needed. Do not listen to ASMR videos while driving or operating machinery or anything else that requires you to stay alert and focused.





  1. I think it’s bc it’s a fast food eating video and to viewers it’s very relatable. Many ppl watch eating videos to combat cravings for foods they can’t have at the moment. I looked at your subway videos and they also got really high numbers! Either keep up the great work ❤ I will watch every video no matter what haha

  2. I'm not usually a big eating sounds fan but enjoy yours because it feels like we're just talking whilst having lunch in a way. It's very relaxing and I like how after wards you went through the toys you got, the box sounds were great!
    The set up and way it was filmed was nice aswell, lighting was great ☺️ hope that helped. But honestly I love all your videos!

  3. Hi Ilse! I loved the McDonald’s video bc of the eating sounds, the conversation, and how you whisper. You do all three better than any other ASMRtist I’ve ever watched. You have gentle, fluid movements that are really relaxing and I’ve saved so many of your videos to my nightly playlist. The recent herring video has great sounds and I love hearing about The Netherlands. Keep up the awesome content!!

  4. I would guess that it’s because eating videos are popular and McDonald’s is recognizable. I don’t like eating videos but might be an angle for you to grow the channel! (I didn’t watch it bc a) not my video preference and b) I didn’t want it to make me hungry)

  5. I loved that video but it wasn't about mc Donald for me. For me my 3 most efficient triggers for asmr are unboxing, whispering and eating videos which that video all had. And I always love when you talk about new shows you watch. I find all of this very relaxing 😍😊