KETO RECIPE | Grilled Chicken In Red Pepper Sauce


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Today we’re making a grilled chicken in a creamy and keto friendly roasted red pepper sauce. This is super simple and easy to make. Perfect for an easy weeknight dinner.

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  1. Made this last night for the first time and I gotta say you smashed it out of the park! I’m not great on bell peppers but this sauce has really turned me, maybe your best chicken breast recipe yet. I can see me adding some bacon into the vegetables and blending that all up. Perfect as it is though.

  2. Hi – I'm signed in with my wife's you tube account – but wanted to say thank you for all the amazing recipes and teaching me how to use myfitnessplanner – I am 60yrs old 5'9" and I was 238lbs started on keto about 5 days ago and i am losing weight now down to 229lbs ok so it is not alot but it is a start 🙂 – i have seen your videos about keto being unsustainable and i agree but i will stick with it for the first 5 months of my journey in weight lose then I will start to take your other advice – exercising is difficult for me as i have multiple scelerosis but I am feeling good and i am determined to get rid of the fat – this recipe will be tomorrow's dinner – it looks amazing and over the last week every meal i have eaten has come from your site and everyone of those meals has been delicious – horns up ! and again thank you so much for your videos / advice / humour and `being you !!

  3. I saw this video on Sept. 3 and decided to try it that night. I'm not a very good chef however after making this I realize there is hope for me. One of the greatest meals I've ever had period! This is a meal I will make for my friends. Thanks for posting this. All the best from California

  4. I'm 5'8', 63 years old, 269lb but after 15 days later, and fasting for 8 days, now 249lb and still going down. I need some very, VERY easy meals, keto-centric, leaning towards cheese and meat and your material seems very promising. Thank you. Your book is winging its way from Amazon. Btw, I have satiety problems when I do start eating and tend to over consume, especially nuts, which I love. So last year I lost 42lbs by fasting but then, although nominally trying to adhere to a keto framework, I put all of the weight back on very gradually over a 10 month period. I think I kept my blood sugars fairly low but still it's very frustrating.

  5. What was it about the pepper sauce that was not to Deepti liking? The spicing, too much of something or not enough? Would a different combination of peppers worked better for her? I'm going to run it past my daughter and see if we can expand our meal choices.