KETO RECIPE: Bacon & Mushroom Pasta


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Today we’re cooking up a super simple and delicious recipe. This is a creamy Keto pasta dish with bacon and mushroom. It’s actually such a versatile recipe that you can make it with regular pasta as well. It’s totally flexible. Make it vegetarian by skipping the bacon. Make it halal by using turkey bacon. So many options.

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  1. Actually keto is about fat being very high and carbs being almost zero. 80% of the calories should be from fat. 15% from protein and 5% fat.

    Pasta is not keto friendly. It converts to glucose very quickly and knocks you out of ketosis. I started using keto diet in the early 80’s as competitive bodybuilder. I have used the diet off and on since then. I watched several of your videos and end up turning them off most of the time. It isn’t the dishes you prepare won’t taste good, just not what should be eaten on a keto diet.