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This Keto Poori or Keto Bhatura is an exciting step for me. I don’t make many deep fried foods as it wastes a lot of oil. But nevertheless, I love eating it when someone makes it for me. Chole(chicpea curry) and Bhature(deep fried flour bread which puffs up) is a fovorite of mine and a very popular dish. Here I am sharing the recipe of Keto Bhature or poori. It tasted great along with my version of Keto Chole, which I will sharing soon.

I want to quickly point out the difference between Bhature and Poori. Bhature is a deep fried bread made from refined flour and the dough is mixed in yogurt to give it a slight sourness or fermentation. Poori is a similar deep fried bread made using whole wheat flour and there is no ferementation involved. They both puff up but Bhature are much larger and many a times the restaurant making large bhaturas is known due to this. It makes a great statement. While Bhature can be even 1 foot in diameter, pooris are smaller and about 4 inches or so. Pooris are considered healthier as they are made from whole wheat. But our keto poori is even better. It is low carb, gluten free and hence, gulit free.

This is a fool proof recipe that I am sharing with you and I hope you try it. Leave me a comment if you do. Good luck and happy cooking!

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Macros: Serving 3

Per Serving

Calories: 240

Fat: 21

Net Carbs: 4

Protein: 5

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  1. Actually I really had high hopes on this…. coz looking really yummy…. but it really didn't work out for me… donno what mistake that I have done….
    The moment I drop the puri into the oil… poori disappeared…. I mean… only crumbs left …..
    Pls help me out….

  2. Sonal! I am so glad I found your channel! I am from South Africa and grew up with my mum making delicious Pooris with speckled beans curry and braised pumpkin. Thanks to you, I was able to enjoy this again! Love your channel! Thanks for the great work! My mum loves your channel too! 😊

    The recipe turned out fabulous! And tasted exactly like traditional Pooris! I am beyond excited!

  3. All of your recipes are really helpful. Thanks for making an effort of sharing your recipes with us. I am going to try this for sure. I am not too sure about the "Choley/ Chickpeas", I thought they are NOT Keto-friendly due to high Carb content.

  4. I tried this recipe on two consecutive days. The second day, everything turned out excellent including the first Batura puffing without sacrificing 😀. The key is to heat the oil to a temperature Batura turns golden brown, it’s crispy and tastes way better. If it’s whitish, you need to increase the flame,


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