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  1. Haben Sie prima hingekriegt 👍👏 😋. Man sieht wie er Ihnen schmeckt. Herrlich ❣️ So viele Kalorien nimmt man ja auch nicht täglich zu sich. Ich werde danach einen Tag fasten, schwimmen oder spazieren gehen. Bei diesen Vorsätzen werde ich dann gleich 2 Stücke vertilgen. Und wie ich meinen Mann kenne, wird auch er diesen Kuchen mögen. Diesen leckeren 😋 Kuchen werde ich zu 100% nach machen. Passt super, denn diese Woche habe ich Geburstag. Danke schön für dieses gelungene Rezept. Schöne Grüsse aus der 🇨🇭🙋‍♀️☀️🍰🍩🍫

  2. I love your site. Your recipes are written out, and easy to access and print. You include macros which are extremely difficult to figure out, for me anyway. None of the apps that claim to do macros, actually do.
    I enjoy your high energy and honesty and most of all, your recipes are excellent. I subscribed and liked as you as leaving keto, but that's okay, look what I have to catch up on!

  3. Now you're the Dessert King!😆 Yes, peanut butter IS good in chocolate cheesecake! I call it my Reeses Cheesecake. I also make a Mounds Cheesecake, and Raspberry White chocolate Cheesecake. I specialize in diabetic friendly sweets. So once I was diagnosed 8 years ago, I had to save my reputation as Dessert Queen by turning my kitchen into a lab as game changer. Nearly 70% of Americans are either pre-diabetic, or type 1 or 2. And it's going up every year. That's a LOT of sadness at the dessert table. Recipe by Recipe I'm trying to fix that. Now with Keto, thats become a very big thing!😄😋

  4. I know what you mean about locking away something. I made stuffed jalepenos out of canned whole and onion and chive cream cheese and then wrapped in bacon. I cooked all twelve thinking I might like them but could resist and freeze the rest. Well there's not one left. Next time I will make them and freeze them before I cook them that way they will last. But oh soooo good