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  1. This is nice. I made this yesterday with full recipe on the channel. I did it in a different innovative and less time consuming way. My version is called silky paneer makhanwala inspired by my wife. She just could not resist saying how good it had become….😊 Take care everyone and look after your loved ones ❤️

  2. I do follow ur receipe and cooked the chicken soup. However I failed to understand how come we can add tomato, onion and ginger in a keto meal when these ingredients got sugar content. Even garlic got sugar but much much lesser than other 2 items. Keto is not only about low carb but sugar will throw you out of ketosis.

  3. I have made this twice, and it is YUMMMMMMMMMMM. I replaced the cream with coconut cream since some in my house have a bit of intolerance to regular cream. It has been a HIT!!!! Tonight I will try your creamy mushroom chicken. Thanks!!!!! Hubby says "you making a HORNS UP recipe tonight?"


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