KETO ORANGE CHICKEN! How to Make Keto Chinese Food Recipe


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Orange Chicken

Serving: 6


Mix the protein powder with the salt and pepper and set aside.
Whisk eggs and set aside.
Heat oil.
Dip chicken pieces in eggs and then into protein powder and fry.
Mix sauce in a bowl
Once the chicken is cooked, set aside.
Add sauce and cook to thicken
Toss cooked chicken and enjoy!

Calories 215
Total Fat 10.1g
Total Carbohydrate 3.2g
Dietary Fiber 1.1g
Net carbs: 2.2
Protein 25g

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  1. Oooo gurl! I love the texture of the orange chicken from Panda Express. It's got those crispy edges. My sons and I always order it whenever we need a quick dinner before church and my husband is the only one who eats everything other than the Orange chicken😆
    I definitely need to make this now and I have never worked with some of these ingredients so it will defintitely be interesting. Thanks for this video! This is the first video I've seen so far- can't wait to see many more. God bless you abundantly!🙏🏾💜

  2. I've made a version of this before but this looks better. Top tip. If you want a more orangey taste add some sugar free orange jelly crystals. Makes the sauce more gloopy (in a good way) and adds a further orangey kick. Works for many things including cranberry sauce….Bx

  3. Hi there I've watched a few of your videos and some of the keto recipes are good the only thing that concerns me is I thought being on a keto meal plan was temporary…and for health reasons it's not something people should do long term ..educate me if I'm wrong please and one thing I want to say and I'm honestly not being mean or trying to shame you but….watching you eat in every video you make is so annoying because most videos you make always ends with you eating and you say and do the same things for every eating video you do ..sorry . And as a youtuber your thing is keto stuff I get it but you should try making other content that's more interesting I'm sure you would get more followers ….just my opinion is all and I'm not putting you down I just think you could make better content then you do if you wanted to…… but I'm just 1 person and I I'm sure my opinion in your eyes doesn't matter….