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I’ve got a keto lunch meal prep that is perfect for brining to work and school. This low carb roasted cauliflower salad with broccoli is keto friendly, full of flavor, and the perfect keto lunch idea to bring to work. Paired with the spice grilled chicken, this ketogenic lunch recipe is perfect for eating 5 days for meal prep for the week. If you are looking for keto ideas for lunch, then you have to try this ketogenic lunch meal prep recipe I developed for you guys. Many of you guys have asked me for lunch recipes that can be eaten cold, and these keto lunch ideas are perfect for work and school if you can’t heat your food up. I hope you guys give this Keto lunch meal prep recipe a try and let me know how you like it.


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Macros per serving of cauliflower salad, makes 5 servings:
121 calories
5.5 grams of net carbs
6.6 grams of fat
6.2 grams of protein
4.4 grams of fiber

Macros for all the avocado-mayo dressing:
1361 calories
2.89 grams of net carbs
144 grams of fat
3.8 grams of protein
6.5 grams of fiber

Macros per serving of chicken, two thighs make one serving:
312 calories
0 net carbs
13.6 grams of fat
48 grams of protein
0 fiber

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  1. The few people I know on keto eat calorie-dense stuff- no fiber ("carbs") like cream cheese, tuna w Hellmans and almonds, a ton of eggs, egg salad, hamburger, butter and cheese. No fruits, very little vegs except for lettuce they can slather dressing on. I can't imagine going through summer and not eating melons, berrys, cherries, peaches. And WAY too much protein.

  2. How to buy avocados… Buy them mostly hard that way you know they are good. They will begin to soften on ur counter. Once they soften a bit put them in the fridge to stop/slow down the ripping process. They will be good for a week!

    If you need to buy some to use that same day, take the button off the avocado “belly button” ( I don’t know what it’s called but you get what I am saying). If the “belly button” area is brown it’s not a good avocado. If it’s a bright green, it’s probably a good avocado. Also check how soft it is. It needs to be softening but not too squishy.
    Hope that helps!

  3. I made this!!! I was a little apprehensive because the ingredients put together seem kind of funky. Sugar free pickles? Who has that? Oh wait! I do. I got them on accident from HEB delivery and never intended to return them. They’ve been taunting me in the pantry for 5 months. So, ya. I had weird unsweetened pickles. I had some suspicious broccoli and cauliflower heads. I have sugar free mayo. I have an abundance of chicken and almonds. What the heck? I made it. Avocado and lemon left over from a guacamole I made. I cooked, chopped, sliced, measured and finished. The end result was TOTALLY YUMMY!!! My husband is less thrilled but still satisfied with it. It’s his lunch for the next week. Next time I make it, im making extra for myself. Was pleasantly surprised!!!