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This is hands down the best hot cocoa recipe, and it’s even sugar-free! 
0:00 Keto hot cocoa 
0:48 Magnesium deficiency and chocolate 
0:58 Tasting the keto hot cocoa
1:32 How to make hot cocoa 
In this video, we’re going to share a delicious keto hot cocoa recipe. This incredible hot cocoa recipe is completely keto-friendly. We use almond milk and heavy cream in this recipe, as well as melted sugar-free chocolate chips. This hot chocolate recipe is extra chocolatey but is still sugar-less. 

If you’re deficient in magnesium, you may crave chocolate. This hot cocoa recipe is a fantastic alternative to have so you can satisfy your craving in a healthy way. This is the best sugar-free hot cocoa recipe out there, give it a try! 

We hope you enjoy this delicious keto hot cocoa recipe. Thanks for watching!





  1. I couldn't make this because it would be far too many carbs if I used the 8oz they use. But I used theirs as a base. I only did 3 tablespoons of Lily's Dark Chocolate, and 2 tablespoon of cocoa powder. Sea Salt then some organic steviea. And it was perfect, and much lower carb and drinkable to me.

  2. His wife looks very sick.

    That is gross looking hot chocolate.

    Here's a much better recipe.

    Grass-fed organic milk (heated on low to avoid burning).
    1 tbsp. baking cocoa
    Pinch of salt (sea salt or pink Himalayan)
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    2 tbsp. Ghee or Kerrygold butter

    Melt ghee or butter in small saucepan & add salt & vanilla. Melt thoroughly & stir well.

    Add hot milk & stir.

    You can also substitute hot water for the ghee or butter.

    I don't like marshmallows or whipped cream in my hot chocolate. It's rich enough on its own.

  3. Why are many people concerned about Karen's health and appearance. Dr. Eric Berg and Karen knows how to take care of themselves more than majority of us. I think because she tights her hair in the back, which makes face looks different from other times.

  4. Everyone needs to contact Lily's chocolate company and ask them to use grassfed organic milk in their products. They use generic dairy which is Noooo good!

    I already emailed them so whoever reads this join the movement. I love the brand but they need to step it up on the quality. Technically it's a dirty keto product all because of that and it's pricy. They are the best keto chocolate brand so we need to use our voice to make it better


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