Keto Homemade Pasta Recipe | Pasta Using Vital Wheat Gluten | Keto Pasta


This is a very simple keto pasta recipe. It needs a bit of planning though, but at the same time it is very forgiving. If you want to get the best results, you should use a flat pan and having it flat in the oven is of utmost importance. Otherwise, you will have some thick and some thin edges. Although, it doesn’t matter much while you are eating it. This keto pasta has a good texture almost like real pasta and it is easy and quick to make. You can leave the vital wheat gluten out if you can not find it. Also remember that this pasta is not gluten free if you add the wheat gluten. Gluten is a good addition as it gives the pasta or any dish the glutenous stretch or hold. I have tried to keep it to a minimal in my keto pasta recipe, as it has some trace carbs.

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Cream Cheese: (the cheapest)





  1. 'Great video! I am actually allergic wheat, but not the gluten itself…so after years of eating gluten free everything I'm just now realizing I can add gluten to gluten free recipes to improve the texture witthout using wheat! This is so amazing! Thanks or posting!

  2. thank you for your shares but I had a question Please 🙏 what exactly is the dosage in grams of wheat GLUTEN used for the recipe because for me i do il but it was more like an "omelette" 😑…. maybe be that the teaspoons in France are smaller than those you use …. thank you for your answer and again Thank you for your recipes … sorry for my English approximate
    big kiss from France 💋💋💋💋💋


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