Keto French Macaron Shells | The Recipe That Works | 0.4g net carbs


After much testing here is my take on keto French macaron shells. There are many options to create your own filling, a thick ganache, sweetened heavy cream or perhaps a custard. You can also flavor them however you like…so do make your favorite.

Please note an oven shower is a process of dehydration where your would dry the baked goods. For short periods you can do this by leaving the baked goods in the oven after you have turned it off. For longer periods please set your oven temperature to the lowest setting which will provide the drying environment required. Mine took 2 hours so you will use the second option.

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Makes 46 Shells or 23 Pairs (1.5″/4cm Macarons)

Nutritional Information/2 Shells:
Cal: 44 | Net Carbs:0.4g | Fiber: 0.52g | Total Carbs: 0.92g | Fat: 3.53g | Protein: 1.57g

3/92g Egg Whites, room temperature
1 Pinch Egg White Powder, sifted
¼ cup/55g Heavy Cream
½ tsp/2g Extract/Flavoring
1 cup/150g Sweetener
1 tsp/5g Butter, melted
2 tsp/8g Baking Powder
1 cup/ 115g Almond Flour, sifted

METHOD: For the best results please follow the tutorial provided in the video.

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Disclaimer: Please note I am not a medical or nutritional professional, I am simply sharing keto recipes I have found worth sharing, not only my own, but others too. The nutrition information I provide is calculated using the app My Fitness Pal, however you should be calculating this on your own as nutrition does differ between brands.

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Keto French Macaron Shells | The Recipe That Works | 0.4g net carbs





  1. What a unique incredible and tasty recipe 🥰 I am literally drolling on the screen right now .You are a Masterchef❤ And you put so much effort in your videos🌹❤ I will surely try this tremendous and mouthwatering recipe . you have magic in your hands👍🏻 God bless you dear❣.

  2. Well done Mel, they look really good. I know you’ve worked hard to create those and all your followers, including myself are very grateful. I’m not a lover of macarons but I do think I’d like those, so thank you. Please don’t give that husband of yours a hard time, he’s a man, they’re delicate! You have to treat them with kid gloves if you want anything out of them. 🙄🙄

  3. If you're still using almond flour, why not use the traditional recipe and replace the sweetener? I think allulose might make them slightly darker but keep the texture, possibly too soft so combining sweeteners might work better, erythritol gets crispy. The almond flour has to be made extra fine in a food processor.