KETO FOODS I No Longer Eat Regularly


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Even though they are considered keto, there are some foods I no longer eat or rarely eat because they cause weight gain, inflammation and don’t agree with me. Not everyone is the same as me and if you are able to enjoy these foods, then do as you please. But if you experience any of the symptoms I did after having these foods, maybe consider cutting back or eliminating them all together. Up to you!!




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  1. I have been living the ketogenic lifestyle now two years. I have maintained my normal weight of 111 pounds. I only eat Whole Foods and never any prepackaged Keto foods. I gave up sodas cold Turkey 25 years ago and never tried diet sodas. I am 61 years old and everyone thinks I am not a day over 45.

  2. People like you comes along and confuse people about keto, what makes you thing we care about what you eat or don't eat it's like your type can't help telling people what's good for them what makes you the expert you do you and let others do them we are fedup with people like you running g your mouth just because you can, you're not the first to come out with.this rubbish go away and leave us alone people are going g to do what ever the hell they want to do stop wasting time find some thing worth while to take up your time just don't want to know

  3. A discovery for me- to hydrate myself, I add lemon or lime slices and cucumber slices in my water . I chill it over night sans sweetening. The next day, I deink it over ice. The amount that I drink is calculated as my weight divided 2 equals the ounces of solutions. For example : 150 lbs./2 = 75 oz. It works for me… I am satisfied🙂. You can do some research on the benefits.

  4. I'm right there with you. Keto for about 6 years now. I have gone to just simple whole foods for the most part. I just can't tolerate those keto breads. Those high fiber "breads" really seemed to cause intestinal problems for me. It's nice not having to run for the restroom unexpectedly anymore. Keeping it simple can be delicious too. I still enjoy dairy thankfully.

  5. I went from 195 lbs to 172 lbs within 3 months. My diet is a mix of Mediterranean and keto. I don't eat butter but olive oil since I have been raised and I am still used to cook with olive oil. However, since I have started to eat bacon and a lot of dairy (cheese and cream) which I was never consuming before not even ice cream I have noticed a HUGE hormonal acne going on all over my jawline and chin. Now that I have cut both of them since a week my skin is already getting clearer. My diet always been healthy excepting my sugar addiction that I have now under control. However, let's not forget that milk, cows, BIG livestock as beef and pork are containing artificial hormones which causes a lot of human hormonal problems especially for women. They have no choice to give them hormones to produce milk all the time and to grow faster to be able to deliver meat everyday. So I would advice to focus more on chicken, fish, seafood, duck and other little poultry meat since they become ready to eat within few weeks so no need to give them hormones.

  6. That's a pretty good list. Thanks for sharing it.

    Even then, after five years, I'm pretty much high-protein, low-carb, and rarely in deep ketosis. I think my body has just gotten good at using ketones so they rarely show up deeply in my blood unless I fast over a day and get a lot of cardio. I'm good with that, actually, as long as my glucose stays low, or if it spikes it doesn't spike too high and stay up long. At this point that's what matters most to me.

    I've taken to severely limiting cheese and nuts, and pretty much all processed "keto" food is basically a trap or otherwise an issue for me. 95% of the time, I make something wildly simple that's mostly meat and a little cruciferous or very keto-friendly veg. I do get an avocado just about every day in the world that's not a whole day of fasting. After a workout, I allow myself a collagen shake with berries and aminos, and I can see my glucose go right up and right back down.

    I've avoided keto bread and tortillas (I make pretty simple keto sandwich thins for burgers), but I have to admit a couple times a year I like to pick up a pack of keto hot dog buns into which I can put clean, 100% grass-fed polish sausages from Teton Waters Ranch. It's too bad I can't find clean buns, because they're just too much of a hassle to try to make, and I've never found a great recipe anyway. 

    PS: Sometimes, I'll just make a "bunless polish sandwich" instead, with the polish sausages, caraway, a slice of swiss and top with deli mustard and sauerkraut. I eat that out of a small casserole dish with a knife and fork.

  7. Glad you finally realized. One thing I didn't like about your recipes was nearly everything had a lot heavy cream in it. Hopefully, now you'll have more recipes without so much heavy cream. There's a new carnivore guy on the scene where I like all of his recipes too, but they all have a lot of heavy cream and cheese also. Hopefully, he realizes soon enough too and eases up on all the cream and cheese. Don't get me wrong, I like cream and cheese, just not so much and not in everything.

  8. I had a hard time quitting Diet, Dr Pepper and Diet Pepsi Until I learned that these artificial sweeteners are carcinogenic and obesinogenic. Now that Ive been off Of them for 2 months now I had a taste of one recently and it tasted horrible like chemicals! No more for me! They actually promote weight gain! I also don't snack, don't do KETO or other processed foods, and I use fat to cook with or to taste but don't add extra to "get it in." No keto sweets or ice cream either! Its a marketing scam!! And there is no such thing as keto bread or cereal! Save your stomach and your money!!

  9. But not looking at the "net carb" if that were really a thing I could just take a bunch of fiber with my carbs. If its 50 carbs but then ohhh 42g of fiber like magic 8 net carbs. Yeah i don't believe that at all. But hey it pays the bills with all those sponsored videos. Right?

  10. The big mistake so many people make (due to lots of misinformation) is that as your weight goes down, you need to reduce the fat in your diet, too, because you want your body to burn YOUR fat, not the fat you eat. You need to replace the fat macros with protein macros as your weight drops. This also naturally reduces calories, as you don't need as many to maintain bodily functions as your weight goes down.

  11. I have the weird symptoms from heavy cream. It makes my skin so dry and gives me an upset stomach. I now use silk dairy free heavy cream and no longer have that issue. A lot of Keto products cause me to have digestive issues, too. Thanks for sharing 😊

  12. I try to stay away from processed foods, cost as well as I don't like what's in them, especially canola, sunflower, soy, all highly processed. I blend coconut oil (or butter, other fat) into my coffee, looks and tastes like cream to me. Vegetables and fruit give me joint pain and often high in carbs which is sugar in the body. Grains, seeds, nuts, legumes contain phytic acid which block absorption of nutrients unless soaked at least overnight or fermented.
    I make my own minerals and add to my coffee in the AM and in the afternoon. Otherwise I get cramps in my feet and legs when I stretch.

  13. This is exactly what I needed to hear, I’ve not been losing weight because I’m eating too many keto calories. You hit on points that I intuitively knew but decided to ignore because my excuse was “it’s keto”. But I often feel inflammation and bloated after eating those things you mentioned.

  14. I just started keto in June. 30 lbs gone so far. My go-to sweet treat from the beginning is just enough two-good mixed berry yogurt to thinly coat 1/4 cup of blueberries with a tablespoon of whipped cream…As I lose weight, I know it will also have to go. But for now, it has tremendously helped me with my sweet tooth! I knew from the beginning all the keto desserts were for people who had already lost weight and then only occasionally. I know the sodas have to go also; I'm just not ready…I already had to give up coffee. I can't drink it unless sweetened. Little keto baby steps.

  15. I honestly think Keto/Low Carb for men vs women is very different as well as other factors of course. My sister in-law brought up a good point about eating whats in season & based on your location from the equator.(vit. D factor) Also fat has two/three times the energy of carbs so logically you need much less to meet energy requirements especially when you are fat adapted. also, eat slower y'all, 20 min. before your tummy lets the noggin know it's full. Don't forget about fasting/level of exercise in the entire keto equation as well. I like bamboo fiber for more authentic baked goods. Pricey but I highly recommend a try. I barely touch fat dough anymore. the ole change it up fairly often to keep your body guessing is always a good rule of thumb. nothing tastes better than when you crave it after letting it go for a time😋 much debate still on the consequences of insulin spikes, lectins, meat profiles, you name it but it's all good. Understanding Inflammation in all it's forms has been one of the best topics to come from all this nutritional study/lifestyle changes which is great. also, I make milk from heavy cream & macadamias R incredible!