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While trying new ideas for desserts I chanced upon this, turns out it was Eton Mess. So I made it. Keto Eton Mess

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  1. Sahil, you are totally great! Your creativity inspires me. Can't wait to try making this dessert. I was watching your Eton Mess video as my husband walked into the room to find out why I was laughing and talking to my computer. (I was telling you what an amazingly unique piece of work you are!)

    Love the way you connect with us, your viewers, on so many levels – teaching about keto, your wide-ranging original recipes, practical cooking and baking techniques, your personal experiences, delightful humor, comments/glimpses of your dear family, enlightening snippets of culture and commentary about music, fitness, and more. It's excellent fun to share your videos with friends and family members and to hear their reactions.

    Your cookbooks are beautifully crafted works which showcase your skill in recipe creation/development, food styling, clear prose and impressive photography. Congratulations and many blessings!

  2. Im not sure about the other ladies that are on the keto diet.but im in thar time of the month I always mess my keto diet on that time by cheating on my keto diet and I finish eating normal food because my menstrual cravings…After listen one of your videos about the,reasons why we not losing weight on keto I decided not more cheat days fore me I will eat keto deserts instead I wasn't before ….I had some Keto peanut butter cookies and honestly helped with my sweet cravings ….I realize I cannot have like cheat days and carb refeeds it destroys all my hard work its keto 200% for me for now one I just have to get in the habit of cooking extra and store it in the fridge and freezer…this channel is amazing its about real food I have excuse to fall off the wagon any more…

  3. Just watched a "Father Brown" mystery the other day where one of the suspects mentioned that he had carried in an Eton mess. Because I had seen this video, I knew what he was talking about! You do more than teach us about eating Keto. Thanks for your wonderful videos!


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