I tried the Keto Diet for a week – here’s what happened to my bloating!! I’m sharing lots of yummy Keto diet friendly recipes and how it has helped me with my bloating so will give a health update too.

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I hope these keto diet recipes inspire you if you’re also navigating the keto diet – let me know if you want more keto recipes on my channel!

This video is just my experience with the keto diet, this is not medical advice.

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  1. Hi Lara! Thanks for the motivation, something to keep us going!

    I actually thought I was gluten intolerant because of my bloating and it turns out it's potato starch so it could literally be anything these days! I got tested but heard that elimination diet is really helpful to see what your body reacts to 🙂

  2. Lara I don't know much about ketosis and keto. But if the diet has helped you reduce your bloating, why not incorporate more "paleo/keto" meals into your current diet? It sounds like reducing carbs could be a good thing for your bloating, even if you don't achieve the state of ketosis all the time! Best wishes!

  3. Hello Lara, Big fan! I just wanted to say that there has been a new study out that has been looking at the long term effects of staying in ketosis for long periods of time, and in this new medical study from Feb of this year they found that long periods of ketosis has caused heart scarring in mice. While this is a relatively small study and its on mice it is worth looking at and considering. I would do a bit more research on the subject to stay safe and recommend talking to medical professionals about dieting before jumping in to any substantial change!

  4. One week wont make make a great deal of difference. It took 4 weeks for me to feel health benefits. I'm into my second second year. Seed and vegetable oils are also inflammatory so research those and cut them out. My reason fibromyalgia & been in remission for 20mths

  5. Do you have a nickel allergy? Some people can have sensitivity to nickel in foods. There are various ways it manifests, mine was more bloating and joint pain. Most people come to find they have it from eczema. I know that keto restricts you from some of the same foods as the nickel diet.

  6. You need to eat keto for more than a week to see any results, as it will take you a few days to get into ketosis. I have eaten keto carnivore for almost three years now and it is the best thing I ever did; it changed my life and I got my health back after chronic illness for years. Cholesterol is good for you and you should not fear it, it is the ratio of triglycerides to HDL and the amounts of these that is important. It is good as a long term way of eating, it is how we ate ancestrally so it is the best "diet". I have reversed pre-diabetes, no longer suffer with chronic fatigue or brain fog, and have almost reverse chronic kidney disease (gone from stage 3 to stage 2 which is amazing as I was worried I would end up on dialysis. Lot a ton of weight in the process, but I eat this way for health. I would never go back to eating the standard diet as it is making our entire nation unhealthy with type 2 diabetes and obesity. We were never meant to eat processed carbohydrates and ultra processed foods


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