KETO Diet Menu Plan to Lose Weight In Just 7 Days


Keto Diet Menu to Lose Weight Fast. The ketogenic diet has pretty much everything you need to get the body of your dreams in no time. Among the proven health benefits of this diet are weight loss, mental focus, increased energy, controlled blood sugar, stabilized blood pressure, and so many more.
While this diet seems like a dream come true, not everyone can follow it. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure and take medication for your condition, the ketogenic diet isn’t for you.

How does the ketogenic diet work? 0:41
Different types of ketogenic diet. 2:11
Foods you should base your meals around. 3:15
Foods you should avoid. 3:59
7-day ketogenic meal plan 5:01
Unpleasant side effects you might face 10:09
Health benefits of ketogenic diet 10:51


-When you follow the ketogenic diet, it becomes easier for your system to get access to your fat stores and burn them off. As a result, you lose weight incredibly fast.
-There are actually a few versions you can choose from depending on your preferences: standard ketogenic diet, cyclical ketogenic diet, targeted ketogenic diet, high-protein ketogenic diet.
-You should base the majority of your meals around these foods and ingredients: meat, fatty fish, pastured or omega-3 whole eggs, grass-fed butter and cream, unprocessed cheese, nuts and seeds, healthy oils, low-carb vegetables, healthy herbs and spices.
-As for the foods you should avoid under any circumstances, they are: sugary foods, fruits, grains or starches, beans or legumes, root vegetables and tubers, products labelled “low-fat” or “diet”, unhealthy fat, alcohol.
-Use this 7-day ketogenic meal plan as a model to build your own plan. The good news is that you can have coffee, cupcakes, bacon, sausage and other things you probably love as long as you balance it all up.
-The biggest side effect is keto flu, the symptoms of which include poor energy and mental function, increased hunger, sleep issues, nausea, and digestive discomfort.
-This diet can decrease the risk of developing heart disease by stabilizing blood sugar and blood pressure levels as well as increasing the “good cholesterol” in your blood.

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  1. I stopped drinking pop juice, sugary milk. I now drink only water and coffee and tea. I'm guilty to have a few teaspoons of sugar with my coffee here and there but after doing this. I lost 5 pounds within 2 weeks. It's been hard for me to not go for drinks during the 2 week period. But I did during that 2 week period.but I still lost 5 pounds. I decided not to drink pop the next morning during my hangover. It was hard to quit sugary drinks but worth it.

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