Keto Dalgona Coffee Recipe | How To Make Dalgona Coffee – Tik Tok Coffee – Low Carb And Keto


Dalgona Coffee is taking over Tik Tok. It’s the coffee everyone is making while STAYING HOME. So, this is how to make keto dalgona coffee, since the “normal” recipe isn’t low carb or keto friendly!

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Things I used in today’s Keto Dalgona Coffee Recipe:

Instant Espresso:

Confectioners Swerve:

Almond Milk:





  1. Just made this. Was very good. However, it is very sweet if you keep the ratio's as is. My wife and I ended up splitting this up between two cups of Milkadamia. Though it could be if we used another kind of alternative milk substitute it could be less sweet. But we are sipping on it and this is a good way to have my coffee and perhaps bypass my bulletproof in the morning. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I saw my daughter make it so I made my own keto version. I just whipped Sanka instant coffee with a little bit of the almond milk until frothy, then I either poured it on top of a glass of almond milk and just added the sweetener after to taste or mixed it with almond milk in my bullet blender with ice for more of a Frappuccino style and added perhaps sweetener to taste after 😊

  3. Loved your video👍🏼
    What if I use heavy whipping cream instead of Almond milk? You think it’s ok to use whipping cream with my morning coffee in a limited amount or eating some blackberries with some whipping cream? Really need your advice.

  4. Sweetie, the confectioners' Swerve doesn't work in the same amount because it's POWDER. You need the granulated Swerve. I've used real sugar and brown Swerve and they work fine at the 2/2/2 – the granulation is important to the science of mixing it to get the "mousse".

  5. This is called frape in Greece and Cyprus , check the real recipe out everyone
    Edit : there's a MUCH easier way to make this coffee . It takes about a minute or less.
    Edit no2: no need for keto versions or whatever, it's coffee and a bit of water to cover up the coffee, mix it up , drop some ice cubes inside and pour the rest of the water to fill up your glass. add milk and/or sugar , or their substitutes if you are into that. Done, you are welcome