KETO CUBAN SANDWICH | Easy keto recipe


Hey everyone!
I hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start. This video is a collab with some of my favorite folks in the keto family. I hope you’ll go check them out and tell them hey y’all from your girl ketoginja.
The rules were easy, we all wrote the same 10 cuisine styles on little slips of paper. Then we pulled a choice out of a hat and made a keto friendly dish based on that cuisine. As you’ve probably already gathered, I got Cuban! I hit this one out of the park and I cant wait to see what you think of it.
Thanks for being here with us.

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  1. Love the recipe. I made refined beans with cauliflower rice and it tasted great but I’m kind of tired of cauliflower rice and want 2 try something different. I can’t eat chirataki noodles because they taste nasty a chewy does rice taste the same?

  2. Been living in Little Havana Miami for four years, been infatuated with the Cuban sandwich for much longer, but try to keep.It keto. I searched "keto Cuban sandwich, " bless your hearts, this video popped up! I will try this out! I am sure, by the look of ecstasy on your faces, and the dance, that it will become a regular staple in my kitchen!

  3. Awesome video!! Love Cuban sandwiches. I have all the ingredients plus I get a spicy mustard from Walmart, that is called Sam's Choice Cuban Mustard that will taste so Yummo with your creation!! Love the reaction on both your faces when you tasted the sandwich…definite Taste Orgasm!! Love you guys and thanks for all the energy you put into your channel!!

  4. I never knew there were so many products out there that are keto friendly. I just started my keto journey in April and I am learning so much from your videos! Your sharing these recipes are a life saver for me. My family has always loved my cooking but since I've gone keto I don't cook much and invite them like I used to. Well, now I am excited to know that you have lots of recipes for me to share with them.. I can not thank you enough. Hugs, love and peace to y'all!