KETO Corn Dogs – County Fair Keto Recipe


This is a great recipe to make before heading to the county fair or to make for your keto kids. Keto Corn Dogs are scrumptious and you will be surprised how much they taste like actual corn dogs. I think the low carb version tastes better. I made mini keto corn dogs for a crowd over the 4th of July and they disappeared so fast! Next time you are craving corn dogs, just whip up a batch of fat head dough and mold it over a hotdog. Then fry it!

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10 oz mozzarella cheese
1 egg
5 oz almond flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

Combine almond flour and baking powder in a small bowl.
Melt mozzarella cheese in the microwave at 60 second intervals until melted.
Add the egg to the cheese and beat with an electric mixture. Slowly add almond flour mixture and beat until combined.
Knead the rest out by hand on a lightly almond floured surface until all ingredients are combined and the dough looks like, well, dough.

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FatHead dough recipe is from @Keto.copy on instagram:

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  1. Pro tip: Use 2/3 of the almond flour with 1/3 of unsweetened unflavoured protein powder. It will make it less dense, less "nutty" flavour from the almonds and will have a better batter consistency.
    Also, if you want something resembling batter instead of dough, so you can dump them in like normal, you can swap 3/4 of the cheese with double heavy cream and do it that way, it will be like a more fluid gel and works with the dump and fry technique.

  2. just made these… the dough covered 8 dogs… and omgosh they are really good… I didn't have sticks so I just made them into logs. I made my dough by hand, took maybe 3 minutes at best and no mixer beaters to clean and put away… just a good old fashion wooden spoon… so easy so good.. better than the cornmeal battered ones..

  3. the past sunday, we made these for dinner. what we noticed was the dough was a bit tacky….would this be by too little almond flour? another thing we noticed was the lack of sweet that is usually noticed by ordinary corn dogs. what about the addition of monkfruit of swerve drops? yet our biggest concern was the tacky almost sticky texture of the dough….any help would be appreciated…..btw, everyone enjoyed the dogs and none was left


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