Keto Coffee Cake with STARBUCKS Recipe!


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Kate Spade Load Pan
Almond Flour By Blue Diamond
2 Oat Fiber Options ⬇
#1 By ModernMountain
#2 By LifeSource
2 Egg White Protein Powder Options ⬇
#1 By BulkSupplements
Xanthan gum By Anthony’s
BakingPowder By Bob’s red mill
Allulose By Splenda

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  1. You did very well putting it into the loaf pan. Looks good with the sides sliced away. Slices rather than little cakes are better IMO. Either way I have the pans to do both. Allulose is currently regulated out of Australia – not enough data on it the regulator says (not that I pay much attention to what they say). You can buy it but it is not cheap. I have been using an erythritol product called Natvia mostly and was going to play around with it first in your recipes. Will buy allulose a bit later and see what the difference is. This coffee cake looks delicious and something to bake more regularly. Looks like another gem – Thank You.

  2. If a recipe is self-titled Cinnamon Coffee Cake I would assume it was meant to be baked in a loaf pan just like you did, Victoria. It would more aptly be named "Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins" or "Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mini Loafs." Bless you, Victoria!

  3. If you own at least a 6 qt electric pressure cooker (like Instant Pot), buy a half size Bundt cake pan. Use the mixture exactly the same, cover with foil to prevent water on the bread/ cake, pressure cook for 50 min. Absolutely perfect, no browning, so therefore no burning. I have done this with all my keto breads…always stays moist!

  4. Good morning Victoria. Thank you for your honesty with your recipes. I love your Pkf and have used it successfully to bake regular not keto recipes. I have to say though I do not like allulose. It browns way too quickly and gives an off taste to things if you don't catch it just at the right moment. I have found that Swerve granulated and Swerve Brown play beautifully with your flour mixture behaving much like regular sugar. To get to their baking time you'd need to use at least 2 mini loaf pans for this. It fits comfortabley in a regular size pan, and you'd do exactly as you did and bake it for the traditional amount of time which is 50 minutes to 1 hour. I would even say, raise the oven temp to 350 and cover the pan at the beginning of baking to avoid overbrowning. I've made this before with regular flour before we went keto and used sour cream because I didn't have greek yogurt. When it comes to mixing up loaf cakes like this you can mix all your wet then add your dry in stages just like you did here. It honestly makes no difference to the finished product. I hope this helps. Tiffany