KETO Chocolate Chip Cookies | I Made DISNEY'S Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Keto Friendly!!


These Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies are extremely soft, chewy, and ooey-gooey! Disney posted their chocolate chip cookie recipe online recently, so I decided to make them low carb and keto friendly. Each cookie actually has LESS THAN 1 NET CARB! The results are maybe – dare I say it – THE BEST keto cookies recipe ever…well, you’ll have to make them for yourself to find out!

Written Recipe:
My Cookbook:



0 NET CARB Chocolate Chips:

Almond Flour:

Confectioners Swerve:

Brown “Sugar” Swerve:

Pure Vanilla Extract:

Wire Strainer:

Cookie Scoop:

Baking Pans:

Parchment Paper:

Food Scale:


Nutritional Information Per Cookie (recipe makes 12):

150 Calories
13.5g Fat
3.75g Carbs
3g Fiber
3g Protein





  1. Does he freeze then or refrigerate? He says refrigerate for 30 but it looks like he put in the freezer. Mine definitely needed more than 30 minutes in the fridge because they were soft while putting on the baking sheet & spread while baking. Stuck the batter in the freezer while first batch is cooling. Let’s see what happens.
    So I froze the remaining batter for 15 minutes. They definitely firmed up. I scooped some into a cookie sheet and the did not spread in the oven like my first batch. They came out thicker but eventually flattened just like the other batch.
    It doesn’t matter because they tasted amazing!!! This is my new go to recipe!!! My next one is going to be his double chocolate chip cookie!!

  2. Amazing! Quick & delish!!! I made a few little additions.. I/4 tsp. Cinnamon & 1/4 cup pecan halves… so incredible oh! One more lil change… made brown butter a few days ago & left to room temp. Spooned out amount of butter which had hardened etc. it gave it a deeper & richer butter flavor..try it☺️

  3. Hello I wanted to congratulate you you are really an inspiration I am writing to you from Italy and I have seen that swerve products cannot be purchased on amazon Europe with what could be replaced by swerve brawn or if you know a European company that makes this type of products. If I have them sent from America it is too expensive thanks bye

  4. Oh.So.DELICIOUS!!! added 1 extra TBSP of butter and waited until the 8 minute mark to flatten with a spoon…Super crispy and delightful…I smashed quite a bit to get them krispy, but am going to try the rest of my dough today, and not smash quite as much to get a more chewy cookie!! Thanks again, Joe, for yet another yummy & EASY recipe….I also just LOVE your waffle recipe–The second one on the video with the 3 types of waffles….

  5. I used your links for ordering the ingredients. Just for the brown and confectioners swerves, the almond flour, and the chocolate chips, my total comes to $87. That's one expensive batch of cookies. Is there a way to make them without ingredients worth their weight in gold?

  6. I wish so much I could share my recipe I have but sadly at this time not willing to do so for the fact that everyone I have given them to sed they did not no it was keto and sugar-free till I told them and that it's so good I should consider selling it to a cookie place. and even tho I use common things it's the way I mix them and add things in that changed the thing from any other recipe I ever seen. and if anyone watching this does have the way of me getting my way out there to where I can sell it please let me know.

  7. Ok~ so what's truly awesome about this recipe is that it's a classic cc cookie recipe, halved in most of the quantities- except it's white & brown Swerve instead of cane sugars, & those halved amounts are different, naturally, as the sweeteners are different. Other than that, no need for any gelatin, or xanthan gum, psyllium etc. ~ which inspires me to do even more experimenting w/my tried & true recipes I've always used~ awesome. Sometimes less really is more!
    Also, I just finished making these- every word Joe says is 100% FACT. They ARE amazing! I made the first pan into the oven exactly as he did, & the 2nd batch I added a couple tablespoons each of chopped pecans, unswtnd. coconut & broken Lindt 95% Dark Bar~ oh Yum! I do think I prefer the original, as they are plenty sweet & satisfying. But if you're dealing w/a hard core crave, try a few add ins for extra punch =)
    THANK YOU Joe!!

  8. Finally made them. Big ass amazon cart. But very well worth it. They taste like my normal cookies and not just that, but texture-wise, identical. I threw a pinch of flaky sea salt on a few of mine, a highly recommended addition! But that you for sharing bro!


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