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Rotis or Prathas or Flat breads are ana essential part of Indian cuisine. We eat a lot of curries and they need an accompanying bread or rice. Both bread and rice, being high carb. My roti recipe comes to the rescue as it is as close as it can be to the real roti and also easy to make. If you have the right keto ingredients, it comes out perfect every time. My basic roti recipe is quite popular and I have shared the link below with you. Under that recipe video I get a lot of comments about the binding agents. People always want to know if they need to use psyllium husk or xanthan gum. In the video for this recipe I have cleared all those doubts. Here I have shared the recipe for 3 different kinds of low carb doughs. One using psyllium husk the other with xanthan gum and the third with a combination. The flat bread made using xanthan gum as opposed to psyllium husk is quite different. Psyllium husk holds water and hence makes a moist bread. Whereas xanthan gum is dryer and make a stiffer roti or can make wonderful pooris. I have recipe for that which I will share.

This Chilli garlic roti or paratha is a garlicy, savoury, herby flat bread. It is made using my basic roti dough with some adjustment and topped with a lot garlic and cilantro or coriander. Garlic and coriander are a classic combination and part of most Indian dishes. I also add some salt as a topping as that gives the roti a much needed punch. I have seasoned the dough very lightly to balance this out. The Chilli powder can be dded as per your choice or can be omitted completely. This garlic roti can be eaten as a snack or accompanied by some protein. Eat this with some plain greek yogurt and you got a satisfying snack. I hope you try this. If not in this combination but as a plain roti itself. Happy cooking!

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