Keto Cauliflower Pepper Fry | Gobi Shimla Mirchi | Indian Keto Recipe


Keto Cauliflower Pepper Fry

Gobi Alu is a basic Indian dish that is very tasty. But we will replace potatoes with different types of peppers as a keto substitute. And trust me , it’s equally tasty.


1. Cut 1 medium sized cauliflower into pieces( as required ) and wash it properly

2. I have used half of each pepper. I used red, yellow and green pepper. You can use whatever is available.

3. Take 1 large onion, peeled and cut in to juliennes.

4. Take 1 large tomato, cut in to roughly pieces.

5. Take 3 garlics cloves, finely chopped.

6. Take 1 piece of ginger , finely chopped

7. Heat up the pan and boil some water a big pan . When water starts boiling , add cauliflower.

8. Boil cauliflower until it cooked 70 %. After that drain all the water .

9. Now heat up the pan and add 1 tbsp of butter.

10. Add teaspoon of cumin seeds and let it splutter.

11. Add finely chopped garlic and ginger . Let it fry for 2 minutes.

12. Add onions and cook until onions becomes translucent.

13. Add tomatoes and cook until tomatoes are little soft.

14. Add half teaspoon of turmeric powder, Red chilli powder , salt and coriander powder according to your taste and fry for another 2 minutes.

15. Add bell peppers, Allow to cook for 3-4 minutes on low flame until it’s half cooked.

16. Adding parboiled cauliflower and cook for 10 to 12 minutes.

17. Switch off the flame and add 1/2 tsp of black pepper.

18. And your recipe is ready.

Hope you’ll like it.

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