Keto Carbonara Pasta Recipe – They Will Actually Eat


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Carbonara pasta is such an easy keto recipe, super creamy, and such an easy family dinner as a substitute for normal pasta (or eaten in combination with your family). Its so easy, and tastes like you’ve just visited an Italian home in the hills of Tuscany. Pure Deliciousness.

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  1. Actual carbonara is keto, except for the noodles. Switch to a keto noodle. The noodles are the only reason that I came to this video. I did like the information on the noodles here.

    No chicken in carbonara.
    Bacon should be like American bacon, fatty.
    The preference for meat should be guanciale, pancetta, and then bacon. Pick one.
    The preference for cheese should be pecorino, parmigiano, and then parmesan. Pick one.
    No heavy cream in the sauce.
    Cook the meat at a medium heat to slowly cook it and render the fat.
    If you are going to make it like this video, add oil to the meat. I would use evoo for lower heat or avocado oil for higher heat.

    Carbonara should be fatty, but not fatty tasting. A good video for carbonara, but not keto noodles is by Buon-O-Petitti (?). I think that is how it is spelled.

  2. Not trying to be Critical… but no need to use separate knives and cutting boards with the chicken and bacon… you just threw them in the same pan???

    The only times you need to use separate utensils and cutting boards are if you are doing raw meat and then ready to eat foods… or if you were to cut chicken and then a steak that you are going to undercook at medium or medium rare!

    If you cut the steak 1st… then the chicken you don't have to switch knives are cutting boards then either… because your chicken is cook to 165 Which is a much higher temperature than is required for the steak!


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