Keto Brick – Four Flavors Reviewed and We Make a Mug Cake


In this video, Courtney and I review four flavors of Keto Brick sent to me from one of my viewers. To give the product a thorough review, we also try melting a Keto Brick and we make a mug cake recipe from their website.

Keto Brick website:

0:00 Intro
0:42 Buttered maple pecan
5:07 Chocolate peanut butter
6:42 Nootropic icing
8:14 Macadamia madness
10:29 Mug cake recipe
15:11 Summary

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  1. I like the flavor of the maple one & the nootropic one though I don't taste any hint of pineapple just yummy frosting flavor. There's no way I could eat a whole brick in one sitting; I just take bites here and there when I have a sweet craving. The thing I don't care for is the way they stick in my molars-it's an uncomfortable feeling like a slippery gritty paste that melts away after a few seconds.

  2. Good on you, Steve, for not jumping in when Courtney "paused for promotional effect" 🙂 Courtney, love your humor – I'm originally from Missouri, but we (lovingly) refer to it as "misery." <g> I almost snorted coffee out my nose at " a taste I can't identify as something in nature." LOL so glad you are willing to take one for the team! This whole episode had me chuckling pretty much non-stop, thank you both so much!! Maybe you have discovered the flavor of madness 🙂

  3. I like Keto Bricks, but I don't like every flavor. Some of them I really like, but others are not my favorite. To me it tastes like a salty candy bar. The nootropic one is the best IMO. It reminds me of white chocolate. They have really crunchy ones that I don't really like, but the creamy sweeter ones are the ones I enjoy. A lot of people melt them into pucks as fat bombs. They might grow on you.

    Could the flavor you don't like be Stevia?

    The prices are based on quantity. They are much cheaper per bar when you buy 24 than when you buy 1 because they include shipping in the cost. $12 each for 1, but if you buy 24 they are 30% off or $7.20 each.

  4. Thank you for your honesty. So many have reviewed this item and said they liked it but their facial expression said differently. Lol. The price alone would keep me from buying it. I love choc zero and perfect keto items that are pricey and purchase some but I look at reviews before doing so. I love your candid reviews and I trust you and your family to be honest. Thank you.

  5. Not gonna lie they are an acquired taste. I melt them into small candy size molds and I feel like after they resolidify they have a better taste and texture. They aren't my favorite but we do occasionally utilize them. We enjoyed the new milk and cookies flavor. It's funny how everyone's taste is different. I love how honest you are though, never lose that!😁