Keto Breakfast Meal Prep Recipe | Egg Cups


I’m not a chef so I have no idea how to write out the recipe for you. Hopefully you get the gist of it thru the video 🙂

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  1. We switched to ALL Organic and flavors are better…especially Organic spices. FYI… I learned that ALL foods that are not labelled Organic are IRRADIATED!. Which means the food is put though X Rays. Irradiation is also called Cold Pasteurization. They even radiate foods already packaged…so Yea…they irradiate the food already in the plastic containers. Anyway, these muffins are amazing! Talk about a good way to use up whatever's in the fridge!!

  2. Wow that is Great for me when I work overnights. I come home, eat then go to bed. I get all my essentials nutrients in the morning without messing up my digestion. I think I will use Kite hill cream cheese (Made with Almond Milk) is stead of cheese. It is good if you have dairy intolerants like myself. And it tastes delicious!


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