Keto Biscuits Made in an Air Fryer!


Keto Biscuits Made in an Air Fryer!
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Keto Biscuits Made in an Air Fryer!
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  1. "This little chunker"…. 😂🤣 Does anyone have any idea what the nutrition (approximate) is on one of these biscuits? I realize the size will vary, but trying to get a ballpark figure. I have just started Keto and want to be precise until I can lose some more weight. Thanks

  2. Excellent recipe. I didn't feel like pulling out my air fryer so I baked these at 425F convection in my oven x 10 minutes, rotating halfway. These are much cheesier than the regular flour cheese biscuits I make and so much easier. My new go-to biscuit recipe. Well done!!

  3. What, no one has put a list of ingredients in the comments, guess I will have to.

    2 tbsp of butter

    2 tbsp of sour cream

    2 Large eggs

    1 Cup of Almond flour

    1/2 tsp of baking powder

    nice of Pinch of salt

    1 cup of cheddar cheese

    400F Cook for x in air fryer for 6 minutes

    or 355F in conventional oven (experimentally roughly a third to a quarter a cup of coconut flour MIGHT work in place of the Almond flour).


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