Keto Big Mac Burger Bowl | $15 for 6 Meals | Easy Keto Meal Prep


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  1. Ok so I’m late to the party but OMG 😱 I made this today and it is heavennnnnnn! I switched out tomatoes for peppers due to personal preference but WOW! I don’t usually comment but this one deserves it all, my partner got me to make him one as he tasted mine, it really is like a deconstructed Big Mac but a clean version with no bun and super filling! I’ve prepped 4 for the next 4 days. Thank you for this amazing idea.

  2. I did keto two years ago and I lost wt but more importantly it helped my fibromyalgia. Then I fell off and had been struggling with bathroom issues on keto. So here I am two years later with more wt to lose but I have other things that just really point out that I need keto. I have diabetes and I got a food allergy test and I am gluten intolerant which is why keto helped me with fibromyalgia. So I'm back on as of Monday. I'm taking tomorrow (today is Saturday) to go shopping. One of my issues with keto was lack of convenience food and everything took so long to cook. This is definitely a great idea and I'm absolutely going to make this. I think it would be easier to just make a batch of the sauce and then put it in the little cups. Thanks for your video I think it's really going to help.

  3. First time coming across your videos. Enjoyed it just wanted to leave you a little tip that I learned when you're seasoning your meat better with seasoning after you drain your fat so you don't pour all your seasoning out. I always season after I get rid of the fat. Definitely gives you more flavor. I look forward to watching some more you videos