Keto Beginner's Series pt 1 – My Top 10 Tips When Starting Keto


If you’re new to keto – or just “keto curious” – there is a lot of information on the internet to sift through. In this video series, I will attempt to simplify much of this information and share with you my pragmatic approach to the keto way of eating, starting with my top 10 tips for beginners.

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0:00 Intro
0:41 #1 – Don’t talk about keto
2:25 #2 – Take “before” pictures
3:36 #3 – Budget for new clothes
4:38 #4 – Keto ingredients
5:58 #5 – Throw away the junk food
8:21 #6 – Keep it simple
11:22 #7 – Mitigating keto side effects
13:16 #8 – Focus on ketosis
14:45 #9 – The scale – friend and foe
16:17 #10 – Beware of dogmatic keto

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  1. Great list. Thank you. I'm relatively new to Keto but have done low carb in the past. It's been very slow going but possibly my age has something to do with that. One thing that has really helped me while doing this with a junk food junkie husband is having a dedicated shelf in my freezer for my keto recipes. I even pack Turkey bacon two slices per packet and 1/4 cup each of blueberries to add to my keto pancakes. I basically just keep my net carbs under 20 per day and it works. And I already love veggies so that's easy. Thanks again.

  2. Not only watch out for useless keto food products but stay away from the appliances touted by many keto influencers. I have a counter full of things I have only used once such as the Stuffler. Of course there are exceptions like the Dash mini waffle maker and the pogo whisk recommended by Steve which I use all the time. Just don’t get carried away by some of the weird ones out there.

  3. I started Keto 7 months ago and later low carb now. My skin looks way better, lost some weight and feel good. Feeling good in the body and mind are the most important reason I stayed low carb. Yeah, I don't talk about it with my family anymore especially my 75 year old mom who doesn't get it.

  4. I would add that it's a good idea to keep some pre-made meals on hand, or things you grab when life happens and you either don't have all you need to prepare a meal, or you don't have the time. The biggest problem I had early on was cheating because I hadn't prepared myself properly.

  5. When I committed to trying keto, I was the only one, so I cleared out a cabinet in the kitchen and put my "keto" food items in there. When my husband joined in as a dirty or technically keto eater, I went through our pantry and had four boxes of things to take to the local food panty. I still have all the basics for sad baking and some rice and dried lentils and dried peas. Maybe for the apocalypse I guess, but the food pantry would not take open packaging. When my folks (they live with us in a suite on one side of the house but we usually eat dinners together) joined in and we went through their pantry, more went to the local food pantry and some when to Aunt Linda that lives up the hill from us. She is fearful her brother is harming himself, but his health has improved greatly. She remains unconvinced, so we don't talk about it 😀 Thanks for this series.

  6. Thank you for the great reminders. I am determined to get back into ketosis after one week of eating whatever! Trying to determine the best grams of carbs for me to be in Ketosis and slow down weight loss and take more time to get there. I weigh daily now as it helps keep me on track. When asked now how I am doing the weight loss I just say watching what I eat. Thank you, thank you.😊

  7. When it comes to telling people about keto, I just say "I'm eating more whole food, making better food choices, watching what I eat, and cooking more at home". Same thing in more words.
    Also regret not taking before pictures, but knowing I've regained a hands length worth of my belt is something.
    My goto for starting out recipes is Headbanger Kitchen. Even though he's done with the keto thing, still has plenty of a backlog.
    For me, I eventually got over my cravings and eventually got to the point that I forgot what the word candy was. There's also thankfully a number of Keto friendly treats I can make, but I suggest avoiding junk food early on.

  8. I've been doing Keto for almost 4 years and I fell into your same pitfalls… I still have boxes containing ingredients that I've never used… Anyway, the thing that worked for me was: no more boxes, just use real ingredients and cook them. I saw the results in the blood tests and can attest that it works. Thanks