Keto Beginners: Beware Watching Thomas DeLauer


Hey, Folks! For Ketogenic Diet beginners, I just want to put the message out that there are SO MANY different ways to approach the Keto diet, especially if your main goal is weight loss. There is no 1 right way to live a Ketogenic lifestyle, so I hope you enjoy and find informative this video where I break down DeLauer’s video. πŸ™‚

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  1. You dont get what hes doing. His videos are great, and super informative. If a person is new to this, lazy, broke, etc, he may not be you guy… but, to criticize because videos, such as his, may ha e discouraged YOU when you began your journey??… nah, you arent thinking, clearly. Obviously, you arent his target audience. Your video comes across as shallow and silly. In sorry.

  2. I totally understand what you are saying, but personally Thomas helped me a lot in my journey, he teaches you how to lose weight in the best way possible, because he makes you know what is the healthiest options and how to make it lifestyle, how to improve health, how to keep your muscles and look good not only lose the fat. Tons of great information on his channel and his challenges are great, give you the best results, you can see the difference on your health, hair, and skin not only lose the fat with him and with Dr. Berg as well, they both my best teachers in the keto world, big thanks for both of them 🌸

  3. People will make a video out of anything. It’s good to learn as much as possible. I would prefer clean keto now knowing there’s a difference. I can make a video and a dollar now out of saying why I disagree or agree with you. Now do you see how YouTube works? There’s always something on YouTube for everybody. Noting wrong with knowing all sides and having more than one option. What works for one doesn’t always work for another.

  4. I started off six months ago, I'm now seven stone lighter, if I'd seen one of his videos at the start I'd have panicked. I'll be honest I now listen to what he's saying, his video on sweeteners was game changing, he's also spot on about trans fats, there can be no possible reason to consume them, they are damaging. I do agree with you totally about budget, at times I can't afford organic and premium, when I can I will buy better, not everyone has the option financially though. As always, love your videos.

  5. Ally, please… Open your mind. Beware of Thomas Delauer is way overdoing it. I greatly appreciate Thomas' research and sharing the details. I am a diabetic. My doctor was insisting I start taking insulin. Instead I started a KETO diet. My blood sugar has returned to normal range. I'm NOT on insulin and my doctor has even reduced my other blood sugar medications. I'm a big fan of Thomas and his insight has been INSTRUMENTAL in improving my health. To all who read this, Thomas Delauer's knowledge, research, and TRUE life experience BY FAR exceeds Ally's. Beware of watching Ally's Keto videos.

  6. I will say one thing I have experience in, I repair machines in a cheese factory for one of the major brands, and I immediately stopped buying pre-shredded cheese, when after the cheese gets tossed In a oil agent, to then prevent sticking it gets heavily dusted with 2 powders, cellulose(if I remember right) and potato starch powder(!!!) I feel that isn’t accurately represented in the macro table. Just an FYI

  7. Dirty keto allows you to intake a lot of chemicals into your body. Clean keto is the only way to maximize your health benefits. I started off doing a dirty keto because I didn’t know any better. I think I’ll stick with Dr. Berg and TDL’s advice on clean keto because the benefits are way better. When I convince people to start keto, I will recommend they start a dirty keto because it’s easy then transition to clean keto. Many doctors recommended not eating processed food anyway. You do you though.

  8. I COMPLETELY agree! I don't think he is beginner friendly. He tends to nerd out over the science of how food effects your body….which is cool, but he tends to go on and on. Also, I don't get it and I also don't know how true it all is or not. I wonder what his qualifications are to be saying all that stuff. (He might have em. I haven't looked into them). I think he's more geared toward the advanced Ketoers.

  9. I definitely appreciate all the information from both of you. I've made it a point to do my research though. Thru it I've found recipes and products that have been useful for me. Ultimately it's about educating yourself and being open to trying new things to find out what works best for you. Obviously I want to get to "clean keto" but do your best thats what matters.

  10. I love your channel! I'm a 2 year Keto now-maintaining 85lb weight loss. I watched Thomas, joined some of his facebook challenges (nightmare) then realized he started liking and loving products he previously said negative things about. So if the product sponsors him…. ITS A GREAT PRODUCT! If the product doesn't sponsor him …. IT SUCKS! That's where I stopped watching him. Plus I found a couple other things inconsistent with Dr Berry or Dr Boz so I dumped DeLauer. and forgot about him til now.