Keto Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus Recipe / Eric and Karen Berg


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This recipe for keto bacon-wrapped asparagus is perfect to use as a side dish. Try it with dinner tonight! 
0:00 Keto bacon wrapped asparagus
0:48 Asparagus health benefits 
1:25 Tasting the keto bacon wrapped asparagus
2:00 How to make bacon-wrapped asparagus
In this video, we’re going to share a delicious keto bacon wrapped asparagus recipe. We have done a lot of recipes that you could use as a main course, so today we’re sharing a side dish that will go perfectly with your main course. 

Asparagus has many different health properties. It’s high in sulfur, which is good to help build your antioxidants in your liver. 

This recipe is keto-friendly, simple, and absolutely delicious. Even if you don’t like asparagus, but you like bacon, I think you’re going to love this keto recipe. We use high-quality bacon that’s organic and doesn’t have sugar. Give this a try!

We hope you enjoy this delicious keto bacon wrapped asparagus recipe. Thanks for watching!





  1. Those asparagus are THICK! The only ones I’ve found (since I started eating asparagus like last week lol) are ones that are like a little smaller than a pencil and ones a little thicker than a pencil. I like the thick ones baked with an almond flour and Parmesan crust. Omg so good! You eat them like fries!

  2. I love this new channel and all the superb graphics of your intro and it’s design which are so interesting and satisfying to watch! Even better would be to have a list of ingredients afterwards but I get it, LOL, I have to watch each one many times to be able to write down the ingredients but you are both so entertaining that I don’t not all!

  3. This looks really good. I'll have to try it. I have asparagus in my fridge right now. However, being a diabetic, who is deathly allergic to tomatoes, I would love to see a low carb recipe with vegetables (like eggplant or spinach) using ricotta cheese with, perhaps, some sort of meat (bacon or beef) that does not have any tomatoes or pasta. I've been having trouble finding one. Any ideas?

  4. Can you please show more of the Vegetarian Keto recipes : Vegetarian is where we don't eat Eggs,Meat, pork , beef, fish i.e the animal itself but it is okay to use milk and milk products (I don't mean vegan ) . It would be too awesome if you didnt use any Mushroom , brinjal , cauliflower too ( I am a Jain (religion)- lol , I don't expect you to understand that ) but can you please do that