KETO All-Purpose Flour for Cakes, Cookies, Pastries & Savory Foods!


Keto All-Purpose Cakes & Cookies Flour Mixture!
Go ahead grab your Old Favorite Cook Book and Bake it KETO!
THIS IS A 1:1 with any white flour recipe!

You DO NOT need to add any additional baking soda, baking powder, or cream of tarter to this flour when following a recipe, just omit those ingredients

USE 1:1 in any traditional white flour cake recipe!

Between my Self-Rising Flour and my All-Purpose Cakes & Cookies Flour… IS…

If you are making anything BREAD based “such as, Bread, Pretzels, Donuts, Pizza dough…ect” especially anything using YEAST you want to use My Self-Rising Flour

If you are making Pastry’s, Cookies, or Cake you want this All-Purpose Cakes & Cookies Flour.

The difference between the two recipes is the amount of Xanthan gum and Oat fiber. That may not seem like much on paper but in the OVEN it makes a huge difference.

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Almond Flour & why i use it
02:12 Oat Fiber & why i use it
03:36 Egg White Protein Powder & why i use it
06:13 Xanthan gum & why i use it
06:58 Baking Powder & why i use it
10:42 Extra Facts about the flour

This recipe yields 4 1/2 cup

Almond flour 3 cups
GRAMS ~ 336
Oat fiber 3/4 cup
GRAMS ~ 57
Egg white protein powder 1/2 cup
GRAMS ~ 60
Xanthan gum 1 Tbs
GRAMS ~ 11
Baking Powder 3 Tbs
GRAMS ~ 36

1 cup = 110 gr
3/4 cup = 82 gr
2/3 cup = 73 gr
1/2 cup = 55 gr
1/3 cup = 37 gr
1/4 cup = 27 gr

Net Carbs Per Cup
1 CUP = 5 carbs.
3/4 CUP = 4 carbs
2/3 CUP = 3 carbs
1/2 CUP = 2.5 carbs
1/3 CUP = 2 carbs
1/4 CUP = 1 carb

NET carbs per cup ~ 5 carbs
Total carbs per cup ~ 24 carbs
Total Fiber per cup ~ 19 grams
Total Protein per cup ~ 26 grams

ABOUT how many times you can make this mixture with 1 bag of each ingredient ⬇️
Almond flour 4 times
Oat fiber 19 times
Egg powder 16 times
Xanthan gum 41 times
Baking powder 11 times

My Storage Containers

Allulose link
Almond Flour link
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Egg White Protein link
Xanthan gum
Baking Powder

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  1. Ready to break out some old Traditional cook books! Use this flour mixture 1:1 for white flour in any cake, cookie, or pastry recipe that you love! Just Remember, you don’t need to add baking powder, baking soda, or cream of tartar but everything else stays the same! Even the baking temperature! Let me know how you love it & PLEASE SHARE! ❤

  2. Oh my goodness, Victoria!! I went and did what you suggested and found my Betty Crocker cookbook and found a buttermilk biscuit recipe and used your all purpose flour recipe. It made 7 lovely, flaky, sliceable, WONDERFUL biscuits! Is there a keto "heaven"😂? I may have found it❣️Thank youuuu!

  3. New to your channel maybe a week and a half… Made this flour yesterday and made your snickerdoodle recipe today! My hubby loves them! I’m waiting on amazons delivery today off a big Allulouse bag and also egg white protein powder and what else… oat fiber. This recipe surpassed my expectations… but I knew it was going to be wonderful, thank you! Be blessed💕

  4. Hi, I live in South Africa and cannot find oat fiber any where in a shop or even online except places that import it. The prices are crazy, R3100 which is around175 USA dollars for 16OZ.. I know you said there are no substitutions but not sure what else to use. Would oat bran work? I know it wont be exactly the same but seeing as I have never had biscuits before I wont notice the difference. Tx Gweneviere

  5. Hi Victoria! Since you updated the APF and the only difference between The all purpose flour and the self rising flour is 11g of xanthan gum, can you use the APF interchangeably? For instance; since the amount of baking powder is the same in both flour recipes, can I use the all purpose flour in your biscuit recipe or do I have to add the extra 11 g of xanthan gum to mix the self rising flour?

  6. Thank you for this great recipe. I made scones which I have been missing since starting Keto 3 years ago. I've tried other recipes but with your flour they were so close to the real thing and it worked out at only 1.76 net carbs. I'm going to give your Cinnamon Rolls a try tomorrow using the Self Rising flour. Love your videos, you're a great presenter. Cheers from NZ