KETO: 11 SIMPLE Tips for Major Weight Loss


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Let’s talk about losing weight with little effort! Here are eleven simple tips and tricks that you can use to lose major weight on Keto (or most diets, really!)

Keto and Calories:

How to Meal Plan Like a Pro:








  1. I just try to keep carbs under 15-20 Grams. I like baked potato which is ~37 grams.. so I eat half 18 g! I'm not a big eater anyway.. so it's pretty simple to eat some meat and cut the carbs in half — SNACKS like pork rinds, slim jim style sticks. Also let your stomach (which some scientists say is part brain) — Get a but used to being a bit hungry.. then it will start getting used to using fat for energy. I don't use drugs but imagine being a heroin addict and then you switch to cigs, and then switch to chocolate.. Cut out carbs, cut out starchy foods, start eating less.. do just a tiny bit of core exercise and you will be on your WAY !

  2. Weight Loss Messages: Losing weight to become healthy and fit is not an easy journey but not impossible. Nowadays weight loss and being fit become a part of modern lifestyle. If you determine to lose weight first you have to set your mind for hard workout, healthy diet and gain high self-confidence to succeed on your goal. It’s little hard and will not happen overnight. If you keep trying day by day you will lose weight by pounds, grams and finally, it will happen, you should gain a healthy fit body and will back in shape what is your true wealth. A little inspiration with positive reinforcement will support you much and inspirational messages for weight loss will help you to keep on track. Here we introduce you towards some of the best inspirational weight loss messages to give you support and if you think you’ve more than just make share these messages and weight loss quotes with them who is trying hard to lose. This process is best if you use leverage mechanism to your weight loss journey.

  3. I started my weight loss journey in August and I am three months in and I’ve lost almost 20 pounds. I started at 175 and currently I am at 152 pounds. I wanted to lose another 20 lbs in 2 month. I am also taking a supplement to help along the way, it’s called Vanguard Formulas, Google it, it might also help you. Just gotta keep on reaching for your goal!

  4. I became so delighted to try the diet program , Yamzoko Weebly (sⓔarch Gⓞ ⓞgle to get it). My eating routine and also my frequency of several workouts was not modified as well as change. More than a period of a month, I lost about 6 lbs. The tactic has let me ate lesser and getting full is a lot quicker.

  5. Biggest tip you can get for a proper keto diet is you HAVE to be careful with your protein intake, because it's so easy to go over what you really need and then your body converts that protein to glucose and you fall out of ketosis. As far as fat goes, you may not want to sit down and eat a bowl full of lard, but the high fat part of this diet is to help you stay full longer so while you will lose weight faster by eating little to no fat you'll also be really hungry. The beauty of keto is that it can be done in a way where you're cutting calories and you're on a diet but you're also still eating and feel full. Keep your carbs under 20 a day and for me it's 60g or so of protein.

  6. Hi
    Great video But i have a question…so it's only day 3 but i weighed myself every day and this morning i was up a pound from yesterday…. Ugh…thinking doing something wrong…. I was 300 pounds…. so it should be moving and i exercised yesterday….. also ive been craving sugar and i never have before….is this withrawals? maybe i should count calaries for a few weeks to gt used to it….? Also I'm a vegetarian so it's a wee bit more complicated….any tips out there?


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