Kabob Koobideh – The Keto Kebab recipe YOU NEED!!!


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I’ve fallen in love with Persian food and so I had to make this Kabob Koobideh recipe on the channel. It’s a succulent kebab made with either beef or a mix of lamb and beef. Of course in India we get GOAT MEAT so I used that. My wife said ‘It tastes like licking a goat, but it’s delicious’.

Hope you enjoy!!

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  1. Love your efforts to cook kabob khubideh. The role of the skewer is to cook the middle of kabob. Love to see you make some real Indian Pakora. The ones that look like hushbubies and the HOT 🔥 sauce that goes with it. Believe it or not I have had my best Pakoras in Iran made by Indians. You can not find them here in the US. DON'T want greens cover with stuff and dip into hot oil.

  2. من ایرانی هستم .زعفران را باید خوب با هاون ساییده بشه بعد دم کنی .خلاصه کباب ایرانی فقط پیاز و فلفل سیاه و نمک .و زرد چوبه لازم نیست .بعد کباب را با پلو و یا نان سنگگ می‌خورند. گوشت ها را باید به سیخ کشید و کباب کرد …

  3. That looks really good, and this is one of my favorite foods. I’ve never made it myself before, I also just happened to her bought some beef and ground lamb. Hmmmmm. I was waiting to order some sumac.

    If you get a thick metal bowl or some cinderblocks you can make a charcoal grill pretty easily.

    Saffron oil is amazing. Lol

    Traditionally the consistency of the meat is ground more or put through the food processor. It definitely changes the consistency and helps the flavor permeate more. The dimples they put in the kebab or also to give it a different consistency. When you’re grilling you get what’s called the Millard reaction, it’s basically the meat version of caramelizing but they put the dimples in the meat so you get a little variation you get a meaty juicy part and then you get a part that’s going to be a little bit thinner. Everybody has problems getting it on the skewer, it’s very common for them to fall off. Without cooking it on the grill i’ve even thought of cooking it in a waffle maker, that would give it the very consistency and chard ends but I have a charcoal grill so I’ll definitely be using that. I think they kebab is traditional but I’m not sure it’s really necessary, I will probably just shape them and grill them without the skewer. One thing I’ve learned from cooking other kebabs is you don’t want to move them for a while, you really need to let the meat cook so it toughens up, If you try to turn it to quickly it will fall apart, the meat needs to cook and kind of solidify and bind before you start turning it. The roasted tomatoes are very traditional, and I’m not eating rice anymore but usually it’s served on saffron rice here in the US Persian restaurants. I’m glad I saw your video I’m planning on doing that sometime this week. 🙂 hopefully I won’t mess it up too bad. Lol

  4. i was SO confused about how lamb could smell and taste like goat until i read the description, lol! (maybe you mentioned it in the video and i missed it) i love persian food too. i haven't made a ton, but i have purchased sumac and barberries and i'll use them in any and everything i can think of.

  5. Sahil, you naughty, naughty boy. How many "meat" innuendos did you just have in ONE video? Rather than making your "HBK skewers", you could have just used a steak knife or butter knife and gotten basically the same results (without wasting 10 wooden skewers and 2 sheets of foil). I think when you make this again, you should add one finely diced or grated chili at the same time you added the onion to the raw meat. That would infuse the flavor throughout the meat, YUM. Sahil what is the name of that skinny green pepper? I do have a veggie garden and would love a non-spicy one to add to my pepper garden. I MISS the cookbook giveaway, not just for the chance to win something, but because you actually responded to questions back then. BIG HUGS!!