Japanese food recipe AUTHENTIC/ Japanese grandma's recipe/ EASY , HEALTHY and VEGAN


Let me share the authentic Japanese food recipe which my grandma made! My grandma was born in Japan in 1920! When I was little, I saw her making authentic and traditional Japanese food which to me was a feast!! I always wanted to recreate! This time, I truck my memory and replicate her recipes. All the recipe turn out to be so delicious!! It’s also happened to be vegan! Enjoy!



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▶Recipes mentioned in the video
– miso dipping sauce & onigiri

– Chinese cabbage sweet and sour pickles

-Miso soup

– Vegan vegetarian food recipe playlist

– 3 pickles recipe

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  1. Hope to be helpful here. Maybe salad spinner instead of squeezing? Squeezing probably does something good. I was thinking about draining more liqid off after squeezing then. Grandma didn't have one though so it would be an improvement. I had to look at the pri ted recipe to see it should be 1/4 vup of the ginger slivers.

  2. Everything looks really tasty! I’d love to try these recipes soon but my family and I are currently trying to cut sugar out of our diet. Is there anything you would recommend as a substitute for sugar in these recipes, like honey? Or is it better to just leave it out altogether?