JAPANESE BREAKFAST Traditional Recipe/ Eating Healthy/ Great grandma's (125years) Japanese food


Let me share the traditional Japanese breakfast recipe my great grandma was eating 100 year’s ago!
I grow up in Japanese family and my great grandma was living in next door. We often ate Japanese breakfast together. the Japanese breakfast she was eating is a lot different from what we enjoy in Japan nowadays.
It’s based on fish, seaweed and vegetables. as you can imagine, it’s way healthier than modernized Japanese breakfast on 2021!
I hope you will get some healthy eating inspirations!
Thank you very much for stopping by!



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▶Recipe mentioned in the video

-Japanese breakfast series

-Miso soup

-Japanese Pickles

– Turnip with pickled plum dressing

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  1. I had the pleasure of having a traditional Japanese breakfast at the Kahala hotel in Oahu. A huge bamboo box arrived with little trays of prepared dishes, fish , miso soup, fruit. Green tea. It was fantastic…I want to replicate as much as possible so your video was great!! I bought a bamboo tray with the little boxes …on my way!! Love your Japanese bowl to mix with pestle…where can I find that??

  2. It looks like the same foods we eat in the countryside with my grandma in the Philippines. We had a porridge cooked in Coconut milk. Added a little bit salt or cane sugar. Then, we had homemade made cacao chocolate drinks or homemade roasted rice or coffee. Or we had boiled Plantain, sweet potato, or Cassava. Eaten with broiled dried fish or fried dried fish. Sometimes, plain cooked rice with fried eggs.
    Healthy breakfast made by grandma's in the morning.
    Love Japanese cooking. Healthy organic foods.
    Thanks for sharing your videos. Take care.

  3. Hello 👋 just found your channel and I really enjoyed watching this wonderful breakfast, I love vegetables as well and am not that fond of meat or chicken so I will try find all the ingredients you have shown so I can also enjoy a new way of making breakfast 😃have a lovely day 🌹

  4. I very much enjoyed this video. You are such a sweet soul and I love the stories of your great grandmother! I want to try Japanese cooking as a healthier way of eating, and hoping I can get some of these items from our Asian marketplace where I live. I can't wait to try your recipes.

  5. Wonderful! Grandmothers ❤
    Really enjoyed seeing traditional Japanese food and house.
    Where to find black rice pot, white soup pot, and clay pot? Are there links?
    Very interested in traditional Japanese food as it is healthy and also pretty. 💐