January 18 Basics of Keto Day 18 What I Eat On Ketogenic Diet


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So many people complicate The Ketogenic Diet…I am a firm believer that food can indeed heal your body. I don’t try to sell anything, this diet can be completely successful with food alone and you can definitely do this on lower budget meats. I do, however, recommend electrolytes. When you eat a high carb diet your body holds water and when you eat a low carb diet your body releases water along with electrolytes. You don’t need to buy expensive electrolytes if you can’t afford them, just make sure the ingredients are clean and free of sugar. Pickle juice even works or you can make your own, just make sure your body is getting them.

I don’t take ketones and I don’t test where mine are at. I also don’t count calories or macros. That’s too complicated and time consuming for me personally (Not knocking it at all because it works for many others and helps to keep them on track.) I just keep my carbs low (around 20 total carbs a day) and I eat fat and protein. I don’t count those either. I just eat until I am satisfied. The way I feel, the scale and the way my clothes fit help me to know where I am at.

I don’t have cheat days/meals…my health can’t afford it.

I do have some discount codes to help others save money if you want to purchase different products, but again they are not necessary to be successful.

So don’t feel pressured to buy anything. Just keep your ingredients clean and try to eat whole one ingredient, God given foods for the best healthy outcome.

I also like to link a lot of the products that I use in my videos here to because people ask where I get them.

This is my health journey, it may not work for all, I just feel compelled to share it.
Thank for watching…God Bless!





  1. I also love ratio keto coconut yogurt. 2 grams of carbs, 15 grams fat. Ratio keto also makes a toasted almond bar that I chop up like granola and mix in with my yogurt. So good but high in calories so I use this as my lunch often. This yogurt has a very thick consistency but is not super tangy like most yogurts are.

  2. My husband really loves “No”atmeal for breakfast. There are lots of recipes out there but this is what we do:

    3 tbs almond flour
    1 tbs coconut flour
    1 tbs chia seeds
    1 tbs ground flax seeds (only ground)
    1 tbs granulated sweetener
    Dash of salt
    1/2-2/3 cup coconut or almond milk

    Heat the milk, then stir into all of the dry ingredients. Heat 1 min in the microwave or on the stove. Add berries or toasted coconut flakes and/or more milk if desired.


  3. Paula you are a joy and an inspiration! So much help, and it helps me more than you will ever know. I love when your husband joins you, he is so "real" and reminds me of the men in my family….kind of "take me as I am" kinda guy's guy. It must be great to have such a supportive partner.

  4. Such a great video! Those muffins and the casserole looked yum! I don't typically eat breakfast early and really don't get tired of eggs, but if I don't have time to cook eggs I often eat leftovers from the night before. It is always delicious. You are doing an excellent job keeping up with all these videos for the month!

  5. I love the Ratio yogurts! I go for the vanilla and it's 15/15 fat/protein. They also have another which is low in fat and high in protein, 25 grams. I saw someone take eggs and make a custard using the ready-made protein drinks like Premier or Quest. I tried that using caramel and it reminded me of french toast batter but the texture of custart. It was really good. I make it with 4 or 5 eggs and the entire 11oz of the protein shake with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top after cooking. You can do it in the microwave.

  6. It is still eggs but it some thing different. Brown 1 pound for ground sausage then add a block of cream cheese and mix together. In a muffin pan add a dozen of eggs mix with any shredded cheese you like with a tablespoon of heavy cream. Then dollop of the sausage cream cheese mix to each one. So good!😊

  7. I don’t really eat breakfast most days, but sometimes on the weekend I love to slice some Hillshire sausage in rounds and sauté it with a little bit of onions and then stir in a little cream cheese and splash of heavy cream for a creamy sauce, so yummy and filling, season how ever you like to taste