Wash and deseed the Jamuns.cut it and put in a freeze with air tight container. For 7/8 hours. After that add sugar powder 2 table spoon and lemon juice 2 table spoon in it .

Now put this deseeded Jamuns in a blender, add water, ice cubes, sugar, lemon juice and blend together (Sugar can be totally avoided for diabetes patient as Jamun is said to be best for diabetic people)

3. Now take a lemon juice .

Pour the Jamun drink in the shot glasses and enjoy the shots.

250 gms Jamun (Indian blackberry)

1 cup chilled Water

1/4 tsp black Salt

1 tsp Lemon juice

5-6 ice cubes

2 tbsp Sugar

For serving:

Shot glasses

1-2 piece Lemon

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