Jamaican Style Pumpkin Soup | Vegetarian Soup


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Hi foodies! This is one of my versions of Pumpkin Soup I like to make. It is very easy to customize this recipe to your liking. I barely measured anything however I will let you know what I used below ⬇️ The amount of Pumpkin used depends on how rich you want it to be. As far as taste, please season to your liking 👍🏽To make this vegan, use your favorite substitute for the Butter. I got all my ingredients from the local West Indian store.

1 tbsp Butter or vegan substitute

Pumpkin peeled and diced

2 – 3 medium carrots

About 1 – 2 tbsps Green seasoning

about 3 cloves garlic, slice

1 stalk celery, diced (optional, I didn’t use it today 😁)

Several cups Water (add as desired)

Yellow Yam, peeled and cubed

Yellow potatoes, cubed

Jamaican flour Dumpling/spinnas

fresh thyme

about 8 Allspice berries

3 stalks scallion diced or halved

2 scotch bonnet peppers whole

1 or more packs Caribbean Dream Pumpkin Soup mix

Salt and pepper to taste

Okra as desired

Roasted cashew nuts as desired (As during cooking to make it soft or add later on for more crunch)