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Jacques Pepin’s vegetable soup is made with hearty fall vegetables like yam and leek and uses crushed angel hair pasta for thickening. (1:00). For the main course, Jacques shares his technique for cooking flavorful lentils (5:36) to serve with grilled cabbage stuffed with sausage (10:56). For dessert, Jacques prepares a fig and pear gratin (15:29). Lots of great cooking tips and techniques in this episode! Today’s Gourmet with Jacques Pépin – Full episode Season 1, Episode 12, 1991. Soup Subscribe to watch a new Jacques Pépin video every Wednesday: #jacquespepin​​​​​ #vegetablesoup #kqed About Today’s Gourmet with Jacques Pépin: Today’s Gourmet aired on KQED 9 for 3 seasons, spanning 1991 – 1993. The series showcased Jacques’ culinary techniques, mouthwatering recipes, and his sensibilities as a chef. Episodes include recipes such as gnocchi maison and visits from special guests including the godmother of the organic food movement, Alice Waters. The Jacques Pépin Foundation is dedicated to enriching lives and strengthening communities through the power of culinary education. Subscribe to @KQED Food to watch more food videos. .





  1. I still remember watching this episode a number of times with my Maternal Grandma and Fiancée back in the early 1990's. I made the entire menu along with homemade French baguette's and it all was amazing. I haven't made the vegetable soup in years but still have my copy of The Today Gourmet that I bought for my Grandma so I will have to make it soon. Also LOVED the sausages as not only does the savoy cabbage help keep them moist but so does the diced raw mushrooms that release their rich moisture as they are cooked.
    Mushrooms add great flavor as well, plus it is easy to sneak them into picky children's diets. I've had children say "But I Don't Like Mushrooms' ! My response is: Really but you eat them all the time. Every time I make stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, stuffed zucchini, hamburgers, meatballs, lasagna Bolognese, etc. I add chopped mushrooms to the mix.

  2. 10 minutes in and I stopped the video and started my own veggie soup. About 10 minutes of prep and into the pot. Back to watch the rest of the video. Now my soup's done and it's delicious, and super healthy. Thank you for many years of inspiring me Jacques!

  3. The lentil salad is addictive! DuPuy lentils can also be used as a replacement for ground beef in a number of other dishes like tomato-based sauces and even combined with meat or mushrooms in things like tacos. They can take a lot of seasoning but still have a very good flavor with just olive oil and salt.
    Jacque's classic "Fridge soup" is favorite always tastes better the next day. I use cornstarch to thicken it so as to better suspend the vegetables and give it more body. Sometimes I'll just add the lentils to the soup and it is great as well.