Is This the Next VIRAL Keto French Fry?


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  1. I saw a recipe for using lupin flakes as oatmeal. I cooked some up one Saturday morning and YUCK! They are sooo bitter when eaten directly like hot cereal. But, I am wondering if you cut the Keto Fusion fries into nuggets, I wonder if they would be more like tater tots? The other idea that is coming to mind is McDonald's hashbrowns! Going to give this a try…I have a BIG bag of lupin flakes to use up!

  2. CRISPINESS: after going to Heavenly Fan’s page, I noticed that she said when using Almonds that are ground(apparently not flour) they are more crispy. Low Carb Love liked the coconut version, but she added some grated Parmesan and says that makes them crispy and more like McDonalds. I think I’ll try that with potato extract.

  3. Girls thank you so much. You are the best. I need to try these. I don't have lupen flour. You have given me chips in the form of cottage cheese and now more than one, what we call chips in Australia or hot chips. I might make these today. I have some yummy t-bone steaks, I could serve them with chips. Thank you so much. I will have to watch your other video. I didn't see it for some reason. ❤💕

  4. You both make me laugh; I am sure you have heard this comment before. I discovered Heavenly Fan during covid and was amazed how delicious her fries were. I even made a large batch and froze some and they cooked up great from frozen. I am happy to have now discovered your channel and love your antics and honesty about your Keto journey. I am now aged 56 and am returning to Keto (now as a forever lifestyle) after having relaxed my standards over xmas in Spain. I did lost about 25lbs over covid, doing Keto and have kept it off, apart from some 'bracket creep' which I have never allowed to get too bad. Still, after xmas I found that I was drinking too much wine and had started to allow myself to have bread and regular desserts….bad news. So, now, since returning home I have recommitted myself to the Keto journey and appreciate the inspiration provided by your channel. I wish you continued success with your channel and thanks for the interesting content.