Is King Arthur Keto Flour The MISSING Pizza Ingredient?


Is King Arthur Keto Wheat Flour the flour we’ve been looking for?! Is it the key ingredient to the pizza we all want?

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  1. Thanks Dennis for the fantastic throwback MP romp!
    I dare say . . What is your favorite color? Black, of course! And did we finally have the reveal of your “narrator” in previous videos?? Forget the grail; we have a new quest: “Pizza Dough Flavor” 🗡

  2. Thanks Dennis my friend..
    Oh how i miss you and your vids..
    You always make me smile and laugh..
    I really do have to try and replicate you pizza recipe..
    Oh how i miss pizza…
    Again thank you good sir..
    And until the next time keep up the great work..👨‍🍳🍕🍕

  3. Thanks for all the pizza videos. I have your same addiction. I am convinced the missing ingredient to avoid that whole wheat taste is potato starch. My basic pizza flour is 25% each of gluten, lupin, potato and parm. Is that keto? I don't know but it makes a damn good crust!

  4. I had a similar reaction to using this flour – too pricey for the result. I love that you brought in Hold Grail, and your rendition of the ingredient zealot. Thank you for saying this, Keto is hard enough without being tracked and bullied like a criminal.

  5. I couldn't justify it on price alone. If I need perfect pizza crust I will take a meal off and go get a pizza at Monical's back home in Illinois or somewhere else with Chicago thin style. Best there is.
    Until then, my ground chicken and parmesan mix works well as a crust. (Not canned chicken, yuk. No chicken taste with fresh ground.)

  6. We are the knights that say PIZZA! In order to pass through the kitchen you must find me a knife!
    Other guy: A knife? Where am I supposed to find a knife in a kitchen.
    Also, the guy gave you the flour was a newt for asking for payment. You should’ve farted in his general direction. 😂
    I’m convinced we have too much in common due to all the references in your videos being my all time favorites.
    Are you sure this new “keto” flour does not anger the gods? You said wheat, and wheat is blasphemy. 😂

  7. Great video! Lots of the complaints about this flour seem to be more when making food like breads and pizza crust, while there seemed to be pretty better reviews when it came to other food like cakes and cookies….basically, food that is favored A LOT and sweetened. I ended up buying it anyways, since I really want to be able to make a decent cake, cupcake, donut, or batch of cookies once in awhile (the keto flour is pretty expensive per oz) without the texture of almond flour, and I'm not a fan of coconut flour. As for pizza, I'm pretty satisfied right now just using slices of store bought keto bread (toasted before topping) or low carb whole wheat Mission tortillas for thin crust. I'm just to lazy and impatient when it comes to making pizza dough. BUT I still want to get some lupin flour (which is only slightly cheaper than the keto flour) so I can try the Pizza 2.0 recipe.

  8. Great video and the monty python play! That bitter wheat or strong wheat pizza crust taste is a tough one….I'm seriously wondering if a dry califlower and ground finer than " riced" was mixed with another binder such as tapioca starch or xantham gum and coconut flour could pull off a pizza crust without the strong wheat taste