Is it worth it to make Sweet Green Salads at home?


Just two salad bowls from Sweet Green cost me $28.31 with tax, and it got me wondering, how many salads could I make if I had 28.31 to spend on groceries? Can I get everything I need including everything to make the green goddess ranch?

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0:00 Intro
1:33 SweetGreen Salad Breakdown
2:11 Grocery Haul
4:06 Making The Salad Components
7:47 Salad Assembly
8:14 Taste Test (Macros + Cost Breakdown)

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  1. One criticism I have for this video: time

    Yes maybe the ingredients are comparable in price but the most major deterrent I have towards making my own salad is just chopping everything up and cleaning up. You may have fast knife skills but to cut freaking almonds the way you do is definitely not something an average person has time to do!

  2. It would be awesome to have a quick run through at the end of videos like this, or a part 2 video where you quickly show us what you make with the left overs. Like a sandwich or wrap for lunch tomorrow and a side salad for tomorrow night’s dinner, or how even five nights later you use the sauce on a steak or a pizza

  3. These techniques are awesome! I am just starting on a high-vegetable diet and I'm looking to up my salad game.
    Two little variations I woudl use: 1 – A little cayenne in the roast sweet potato/yam kicks everything up a notch. and 2 – Prep carrots for a salad with a potato peeler to get very fine sheets you can turn into flakes or shreds. Carrots in a salad should be shredded or at least thin enough to pierce with your fork. Diced carrots would all end up at the bottom of the bowl if I was eating them. A box grater works great too.

  4. Omg it’s so worth it to buy the goods and do it at home. What I spent at the store gave me different salads for over a week.
    Thanks Ethan for this info.
    Great Video by the way, I appreciate your research. Since I’ve been watching I’ve changed several old eating habits and lost 15 lbs 😁
    I’m a happy Camper 😊
    Your Awesome 😎