Is Gordon Ramsays Spicy Vegan Dish ANY GOOD???


Gordon Ramsay made ANOTHER vegan recipe recently and I instantly knew I had to try it out! Was it good, was it bad, I needed to know.
I’ve made a few of Ramsays other vegan recipes and so far I havn’t been really impressed. They’ve been ok, but not great.
I followed along the best I could with his recipe.. so what do you think, can @Gordon Ramsay make a good vegan recipe? Lets find out.

Ramsay Video

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  1. I’m not a huge fan of Ramsey but I’m definitely going to try this definitely looks like something I’d enjoy. I didn’t realise you was in Orlando! I’m actually visiting next month would you be able to recommend any good vegan restaurants?

  2. Why the hell are vegan dishes often loaded with hot sauce, hot pepper, etc? Too hot n spicey for most American tastes. This is especially true of vegan convenience foods- frozen dinners, etc. Why make everything so hot you can't eat it?? I think hot pepper is used as a cheap flavor.

  3. Awesome video! Sounds like your take on Ramsay is similar to mine. He’s very entertaining to watch and very knowledgeable even if his entertainment person is intentionally a bit harsh. Yeah that dish looks ok. Personally I’d rather eat Gobi Manchurian if I in the mood for a spicy cauliflower dish, and no doubt if you’d made a vegan recipe of your own it would taste more amazing. I love your candor and timing it and all. You always keep it honest and scientific.

  4. bang bang flavoring is always really good. i usually use a sweet chili sauce with a vegan milk, apple cider vinegar, and maple syrup, plus extra peppers for spice, and a neutral oil, then throw whatever i want in with that sauce to fry in. your video is a really cool look at other methods

  5. I think you could have made the 10 mins if your chopping speed was as fast as Ramsay's. Also it helps to have the recipe down without having to read it or recall it and you can get a lot of the prep work done while waiting for the pans to heat up from low-med temp. And you also take time to commentate which slows you down too. Just my thoughts. It looks amazing so I'll have to try it. I'll let you know if I can do it in 10. 😅

  6. Non-vegan chefs always seem to struggle with the nutritional aspect of vegan cooking. Not every meal has to be well balanced but I see Gordon Ramsay pretty much never make somethings got a lot of protein in it for vegans 😂

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!! love it. You did a great job, in no way did I see an issue or comment about GR. Glad you are basically testing out "his recipe" – the main value of your videos, is your effort to try different things. Always appreciated!

  8. I am bedbound living in a nursing home now, but when I had mobility; are used to take several hours on just about every recipe. I definitely cannot shop and prepare and wash the dishes in the amount of time that any recipe ever estimated. I would get muscle spasms I had too much pain so cooking what is rarely quick and easy. A few times anything was quick and easy was if I just threw everything into my Vitamix.