Invincible Live-Action Movie is in Development – The Nerd Soup Podcast!


The Soup Gang discusses the recent news surrounding the Invincible live-action movie. Plus, Jordan Peele reveals the first poster for his new movie ‘Nope’, Dexter releases a new trailer for the upcoming final season, The Green Knight may be the best movie of the summer, and The Exorcist is getting a new trilogy! TOPICS: 09:34 – Invincible Live Action Movie Will be Different From the Show 19:22 – Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ Drops a New Poster 23:16 – New Trailer for Dexter’s Final Season 29:56 – US Weekend Box Office Results 36: 15 – The Green Knight Early Reviews 43:22 – A New Exorcist Trilogy is Coming to Universal/Peacock 50:23 – Fan Questions! Listen to episodes of ‘The Nerd Soup Podcast’ at FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK! TWITTER! – Aaron Twitter: @nerdsoupmonkey Beau Twitter: @beausoup Teddy Twitter: @TeddyNerdSoup Nash Twitter: @AnthonyJQNash Marissa Twitter: @purplegirlns INSTAGRAM: @nerdsoup FACEBOOK! – Visit our Patreon page here – .





  1. I appreciated the Dexter commentary. I loved the show, obviously didn't love the last season, and am lukewarm on it's return but I'll give it a shot if they have some stories they think are good enough to warrant bringing it back.

  2. You do not have to do subtitles. You don't live their culture, can't understand their language, but insist you're getting something more from taking time away from watching the show while you read. Stop being snobs, watch however you'll best enjoy it. Personally I've watched several series both ways back to back and never has being forced to read dialogue been the better viewing experience for me.

  3. Live-Action Invincible is a pretty terrible idea, especially with how recent the show is. You can't just use the good faith that the show built up to just make money on a probably inferior movie. I'd love to hear a sports podcast from you guys, at least just fun hot takes and stuff. Keep it up, guys!

  4. Nerdsoup without Aaron is like ordering spaghetti with marinara and getting egg noodles with ketchup. Although the egg noodles are good (spaetzle), they can be bland and need other stuff to beef them up. I like Beau and Nash, but Aaron is the GOAT of the Soup.

  5. A live-action version of this is a really stupid idea. Not only will it most likely not live up to the show, but if it tries to follow the comic it is going to fail like most things that try to cram a shit ton of source material into 2 hours.

  6. Invincible works better as a comic and animated property. Live action for ultra violence almost never works out well.
    The average person will either have trouble believing it or will be emotionally troubled by it. It's why the recent Superman movies weren't that great.
    Animation is a perfect medium as it let's the average viewer suspend their disbelief while still having an emotional impact.

  7. I watched the invincible cartoon on your guy's recommendation and that show was terrible. The way you guys talked about, I thought it was going to animated breaking bad or comparable to batman the animated series. The writing was horrible, the story was lazy, and the characters were poorly developed. And if I have to read a comic book to like the TV show, then that show failed.