Instant vegan cheese sauce 🤤 recipe in comments 👇🏼 #shorts


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    So many of your love my instant gravy that I had the idea to come up with a instant cheese sauce! This is vegan, oil free and super delicious over pasta (Mac and cheese anyone??) potatoes, burrito bowls, or steamed veggies 🥦
    1 cup nutritional yeast
    1/2 cup pb2 powdered cashews*
    1 tbsp tapioca starch
    1 tsp turmeric
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1 tsp paprika
    1 tsp umami flavor (optional)
    1/2 tbsp salt

    To make
    1 cup plant milk (unsweetened soy is best)
    2 tbsp powdered cheese
    Juice lemon (optional)

    Mix dry ingredients and store in a mason jar. When you are in the mood for cheese sauce combine 1 cup plant milk with 2 tbsp of the cheese powder. Place in a saucepan over high heat and once it starts boiling it will thicken fast. Stir it continuously until it is as thick as you want it. I do only about 20-30 seconds then take it off the heat and use. You can add a little lemon juice or maple syrup to this for some extra flavor. Just a tiny splash can add a more complete flavor profile. *if you dont have access to the powdered cashews you can either grind your own powder or leave it out.

    Makes 16 servings – For 1 serving of only the powder it is 38 calories 4g carbs/4g protein/0.5g fat the calories will be different when its made depending on the milk you use ❤️

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  2. I made this and it was 👎. I'm not vegan though, just trying to not eat as much animal based foods. I'm guessing if you are fully vegan, you might actually like this, but those of us who have recently had real cheese, this is a no. Not saying don't try it, but just lower your expectations maybe.